Diablo 4 Gold Flashing in Cutscenes Glitch

Certain Diablo 4 players are experiencing a rather unusual visual glitch. Namely, during cutscenes, rapid yellow flashes can appear. It seems that these blinking globes only occur if you are playing as a Necromancer, specifically with Skeletal Mages in tow. But is there anything you can do to somehow fix this Diablo 4 gold flashing in cutscenes glitch, or to do something to avoid it altogether in the game? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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Diablo 4 Gold Flashing in Cutscenes Glitch
Diablo 4 Gold Flashing in Cutscenes Glitch

Diablo 4 Yellow Flashing During Cutscenes Bug

So, this visual hiccup causes golden blooms to appear on the screen – but only during cutscenes. These yellow graphical halos can really ruin the atmosphere that the cutscenes try to convey. Not to mention, they are very hard on the eyes. As already mentioned, this only happens when playing with the Necromancer class and having Skeletal Mages. This problem has been around since the Beta, and still hasn’t been fixed by the devs as of yet. So is there anything that you can do about it on your end?

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do about this persistent issue. The only real solution we can think of is not to play as a Necromancer in the first place, but as it is a very popular – and powerful – class, we understand that this is far from ideal. Though, if you are experiencing any photosensitivity symptoms, lights such as this can cause problems such as seizures. Of course, we hope that Blizzard are going to fix this problem soon, and that players will be able to enjoy playing as the Necromancer without such visual glitches. Lastly, if you have figured out or heard of any method that can be used to fix the Diablo IV gold flashing in cutscenes glitch, feel free to share that with us down in the comments.

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  1. P
    Paul Stevens

    Happens with Skeletal Warriors too.

  2. A

    Are you sure it’s a bug? I took it as a sign of the necromancer going insane, much like how he twitches on the main menu.

  3. R
    Robert Mair

    So far as I can tell, it is the “Immune” logo that pets get, showing through the masking used to hide the pets during cutscenes that we are seeing.

    1. W

      This is exactly what it is. It is the golden “unstoppable” icon that appears above their heads, but isn’t supposed to show during cutscenes because they are masked. For whatever reason, the masking just isn’t covering it consistently.

  4. N

    I have a very minor photosensitivity that rarely inhibits gameplay but this has been very bothersome for me. I hope the devs are giving this graphical glitch proper priority. They have sophisticated colorblind options which I really appreciated so I’m hopeful this will be patched soon.

  5. T

    This also happens withe Necro/Golems as well. Very uncomfortable.

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