Diablo 4 Increase Inventory Size

Is it possible to increase the Diablo 4 inventory size? The next iteration of Diablo games brings many changes to systems across the board, with many new features and overhauls of the old ones. However, one staple feature remains the backbone of Diablo games – finding that sweet, sweet loot. And for it, you’ll need a lot of inventory space. Read on to learn if you can add more inventory slots in Diablo 4.

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Can You Increase Diablo 4 Inventory Size
Increase Diablo 4 Inventory Space

Can You Increase Diablo 4 Inventory Space?

Diablo veterans know that inventory management has been one of the cornerstones of Diablo games since the very first game. And this remains true for Diablo 4. However, things have been streamlined in this area in order to cut off some unnecessary elements of it. In Diablo 4, all items, regardless of their size, occupy a single slot in your inventory. “To avoid interrupting gameplay with pockets of inventory management, we’re not planning to bring back different-sized items,” Blizzard shares their reasoning behind this. This certainly makes things easier, but you still need more space for your ever-growing collection of items. And unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not possible to increase your inventory space in Diablo IV.

However, there’s a growing request from the player base for Blizzard to add a 5th section of the inventory, the one for gems. “Gems are something you constantly come across and pick up once you get levelled up”, says Reddit user BAR0N_AL0HA. “They don’t have a tab, and as a result, they take up nearly a third of your inventory space.” And judging by the responses in that thread, many players agree with him. Hopefully, Blizzard will hear this feedback and add the gem tab to the Diablo 4 inventory. This will add significantly more space.

How to Get More Space in Diablo 4 Inventory

In order to clear up some space in your Diablo 4 inventory, you should always make sure to use your Stash. The Stash has a lot of space, and you can spend some coins to upgrade it to have even more slots. Your Stash is shared across all characters, which means you can also use it to transfer items. Furthermore, always salvage your low-level equipment and everything else you don’t need. You can do this at the blacksmith. You can also visit the Occultist, where you can salvage your legendaries and get a Legendary Aspect.

So there you have it. While you can not increase Diablo 4 Inventory Size and get more slots, you can regularly clean your inventory and free up space. And hopefully, we will get a gem tab in feature updates.

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