Fix Diablo 4 Performance Issues, Stuttering & Frame Drops

Diablo 4’s poor performance issues in the open beta are unfortunate but expected. The game has just entered its second beta weekend, and given the sheer scale of the game, some Diablo IV performance problems are expected. In this guide, we provide possible solutions for Diablo IV stuttering, frame drops, low FPS, and other technical issues.

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Diablo 4 Stuttering, Frame Drops, Performance Issues Fix
Diablo 4 Beta Stuttering & Frame Drops Fix

How to Fix Diablo 4 Beta Performance Issues, Frame Drops, Low FPS, and Stuttering

Before we jump to troubleshooting, a few words. Diablo 4 is still not a finished game. Rather, this is an open beta, and there are still three months until the game’s full release. As such, bugs, glitches and performance issues are normal and to be expected. The idea behind beta testing is to identify and stamp out these problems. Hopefully, Blizzard will gather essential data during the beta and optimize the final game for better performance. With that said, let’s see what you can do to minimize Diablo 4 stuttering, low FPS, frame drops, and other poor performance issues.

Check Diablo 4 PC Specs

If you have performance issues in Diablo IV beta, one of the very first things you need to do is to check Diablo 4 system requirements. You will suffer from various issues if your PC gear doesn’t meet the game’s demands. The game can only perform as well as your PC can run the game optimally. Be sensible with your display settings, and you will mitigate many issues, including Diablo 4 beta stuttering and frame drops.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

Install the newest drivers for your GPU. Gaming with outdated drivers may cause conflicts and glitches, which will, in turn, result in Diablo 4’s poor performance in the beta. Download updates either via your GPU app, al by using the links below:

Turn off Overlays and Unnecessary Background Apps

Your PC often runs multiple third-party apps in the background while you are gaming. This is harmful to your gaming experience. These apps use the PC’s precious resources and can cause conflicts with Diablo IV. The same is true for many overlays, such as Discord, Steam, NVIDIA, Radeon, and others. Make sure to disable all unessential apps during your gaming sessions. This will free up resources and avoid potential conflicts.

Scan & Repair Diablo 4 via

Missing or corrupted files are one of the main reasons for various performance issues, such as Diablo 4 stuttering and frame drops. Use the “Scan & Repair” feature to ensure everything is all right with the game’s files on your PC.

  • Head to the Diablo 4 page in your client.
  • Hit the blue cog icon next to the “Play” button.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Scan and repair”.

Wait for it to finish the process and see if there are any issues. If not, play the game and check if there are improvements. Finally, if none of the above solutions helps, uninstall and reinstall the game from scratch. Oftentimes, many gaming issues are resolved with a fresh installation.

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