Diablo 4 Progress Transfer From Early Access to Open Beta

Will your Diablo 4 progress and characters transfer from early access to the open beta weekend? The wait is finally over; the Diablo IV beta is here! During the two weekends in March, players can test the game for six days in total. In this guide, we explain what happens with your progress from Diablo 4 beta early access and clarify if you can carry over characters to the open beta weekend.

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Diablo 4 Progress Transfer From Early Access to Open Beta

Will Diablo 4 Early Access Beta Progress Transfer to Open Beta Weekend?

In March of 2023, ahead of the game’s release on June 6th, players around the world will be able to test Diablo 4 in the beta. From March 17th to March 20th, there will be early access to the beta. And the next weekend, from March 24th to March 27th, the beta will be open for everyone to enjoy. If you have early access, either via pre-order or the KFC Double Down Sandwich promo, you can enjoy the beta a week earlier. However, will your Diablo 4 early access beta campaign progress and characters carry over to the Open Beta weekend? We have good news for you here – yes, your Diablo 4 early access progress and characters will transfer to the open beta weekend!

All your early access characters, items, builds, campaign progress, completed dungeons, and Legendary Aspects will wait for you the following weekend when the Diablo 4 Open Beta kicks off. In total, you will be able to create up to 10 different characters during the two weekends and play the prologue and Act 1. Wherever you stop once the early access weekend is done, that’s precisely where you will start when the open beta weekend starts. In addition, you will not need to download the game again for the open beta weekend. However, keep in mind that progress and characters from the beta as a whole will not carry over to the final version of the game in June 2023.

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