Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred PvP Explained

Diablo 4’s Fields of Hatred system is an exciting twist regarding player versus player gameplay in action RPGs. In this guide, we explain how Diablo 4 PvP works, Fields of Hatred zones, and Diablo IV PvP rewards, including Seeds of Hatred and Red Dust.

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Diablo 4 PvP, Fields of Hatred Explained
Diablo 4 PvP, Fields of Hatred Explained

How Does Diablo 4 PvP Work?

First, let’s get one thing straight from the start. Yes, Diablo 4 will feature PvP gameplay. It wouldn’t be a Diablo game if you won’t be able to test your mettle against other players and duke it out in PvP arenas. However, Diablo IV will not feature traditional PvP arenas. At least based on the current information that we have. Instead, Diablo IV will have PvP seamlessly incorporated into the game’s open world via Fields of Hatred.

Diablo IV Fields of Hatred Explained

These Fields of Hatred are in-game PvP zones within the game’s shared open world, organically placed into the world of Sanctuary as its natural part. Lore-wise, these zones are corrupted by the influence of the Lord of Hatred – Mephisto. That’s why players inside them are going mad and attacking other players.

Accessing these PvP zones is as simple as simply walking into them. It’s important to note that PvP is not mandatory – it is entirely optional. Even if you enter Fields of Hatred, you won’t be a valid target if you don’t have Diablo 4 PvP enabled. You can visit these areas to kill monsters, pick up chests and loot, participate in world events, etc.

Ultimately, if you have PvP enabled and kill a certain number of players and get enough hatred, you will become the Vessel of Hatred. You will become marked as a hostile target to a large number of players within a certain radius of you. If you manage to survive for a specific time as the Vessel of Hatred while remaining in Fields of Hatred (not using the Town Portal or running away from Fields of Hatred), you will earn extra rewards. On the other hand, if a player kills you while you are being marked as the Vessel of Hatred, they will receive extra rewards.

Diablo 4 PvP Rewards – Seeds of Hatred & Red Dust Explained

Defeating other players in Diablo 4 PvP will grant you “Seeds of Hatred“. Additionally, you will also be able to get some Seeds of Hatred from monsters and chests within Fields of Hatred, even if you don’t have PvP turned on. These Seeds of Hatred are a resource which you need to bring to the Altar of Extraction to “purify” them and get the Red Dust.

However, during the process of extraction/purification, everyone will be able to attack you and take your Seeds of Hatred. Even if you don’t have PvP turned on, you will be a valid target during this brief period of extraction. Hence, the best strategy here is to have your friends with you to protect you until you extract your Red Dust. Once you extract Red Dust, it stays yours; you will not be able to lose it.

Finally, with Red Dust in your pockets, you can spend it at local vendors in Fields of Hatred. These are offering unique PvP cosmetics such as special trophies, outfits, mounts, weapons, and other ornamental rewards. These Diablo 4 PvP rewards will change with each new season, so there will always be something new and exciting to earn while playing PvP.

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    It’s currently buggy. I was murdered 3 times yesterday, and I was not blood marked. So, in fact, as it stands you can’t do anything except PVP in that area. Under the stats tab it has some PVP information, but it makes no sense. The way I read it is that you have 92% immunity to other PVP players if you are not marked, but I asked a person marked and theirs was the same.

    I hope they fix it soon because it is a really neat area of the game but it’s not functioning like it’s described currently.

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