Diablo 4 Queue System Explained

As every videogame player knows, queue systems have always been one of the most frustrating things about online gaming. Since there are only so many players that the servers can handle all at once, this – unfortunately – means that we often have to wait until we’re able to play our favorite videogames. The Diablo 4 Early Access Beta is here, and many of you are no doubt wondering how the queue system is going to work this time around, and can you speed up queue time with some sort of method. Well, in our Diablo 4 Queue System Explained guide, we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know about how this functions in D4 and whether there is anything you can do to reduce queue time.

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Diablo 4 Queue System Explained
Diablo 4 Queue System Explained

Diablo 4 Queue System Explained, Speed Up Queue Time

The way that the Queue System works in D4 is that, during periods of high traffic, the game is going to present you with a Login Queue once you open up the game. This number will tell you where you are in the queue of other players that are also waiting to get into the game. Basically, it’s the same as waiting in line to buy tickets for a concert. You need to wait until this number goes down so that you will get your chance to play. Note that, if the number is particularly high, it won’t refresh in real time. But don’t worry, as it is still refreshing in the background. The good news is that the devs have said that they plan to have more accurate timers in time for the Open Beta Weekend.

As with every new release, you can expect the queues for the Diablo 4 Beta to be very big in the first several hours of the game being released – when traffic is the highest. Sadly, it’s just the way things work with new online games such as this. Also, there really isn’t anything that you can do to reduce queue time – you will just have to wait until you have managed to get into the game to start playing. One final piece of advice is to lower your graphic settings once you enter the game. It’s a good idea to keep this low, at least for the first few hours of the game. This is because graphical issues can easily crash D4 or cause you to drop out. In any case, we hope that you won’t have to wait too long and that the queues will be in your favor.

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