Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects Codex of Power

Knowing the complete list of Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects in Codex of Power is essential if you want to properly build your Rogue characters in Diablo 4. In this guide, you will find the information you need to know about Diablo 4 Rogue Codex of Power and Legendary Powers, including all Aspects’ names, locations, powers, and where to find them.

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Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects Codex of Power
Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects Codex of Power

Diablo 4 Rogue Codex of Power

One of Blizzard’s core principles of Diablo 4 design is player choice and agency. Players should be presented with as many options as possible to customize their build, and it is up to them how they want to play. One of the new features that support this is the Codex of Power. This is a crafting mechanic which allows item customisation via the so-called Aspects. Each of over 150 Dungeons in Diablo 4 will grant you a unique Legendary Aspect once you complete them.

When you find a Legendary Aspect, it will be permanently added to your Codex of Power. You can then talk with the Occultist, a new NPC in Diablo IV, whom you can ask (for a price) to imbue a Legendary Aspect into any of your Rare or Legendary items. Rare items with a Legendary Aspect added will become Legendary items. On the other hand, Legendary items will have their Legendary Powers replaced with the new ones from the Legendary Aspect.

This system gives players more customisation options to combine their items and legendary powers for a perfect build. Legendary Aspects are separated into five categories – Offensive, Defensive, Mobility, Utility, and Resource. Each category defines the general role of a Legendary Aspect. Additionally, each category can only be added to a specific type of item:

  • Offensive – 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon, Amulet, Gloves, Ring
  • Defensive – Off-hand, Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet
  • Utility – Helm, Chest, Boots, Pants, Amulet
  • Mobility – Boots, Amulet
  • Resource -Helm, Amulet, Ring

All Diablo 4 Rogue Legendary Aspects and Powers

Aspect NameCategoryLegendary PowerDungeonLocation/Region
Cheat’s AspectDefensiveYou take 15.0% less damage from Crowd Controlled enemies. Whenever a Crowd Controlled enemy deals direct damage to you, gain +15% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.TBDScosglen
Enshrouding AspectDefensiveGain a Dark Shroud shadow every 3 seconds when standing still. Each Dark Shroud shadow grants a 2.0% increased Damage Reduction.TBDHawezar
Aspect of Siphoned ProtectionDefensiveLucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Core Skill has up to a 20% chance to grant a Barrier for 5 seconds that absorbs X damage, up to a maximum of X.TBDHawezar
Aspect of Uncanny ResilienceDefensiveWhenever you trigger a Lucky Hit, gain x5% increased Damage Reduction for 5 seconds, up to a maximum of x15%.TBDScosglen
Aspect of Arrow StormsOffensiveLucky Hit: Your Ranged Skills have up to a 10% chance to create an arrow storm at the target’s present location, dealing X Physical damage over 3 seconds. You can have up to 5 active arrow storms.TBDScosglen
Blast-Trapper’s AspectOffensiveLucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to enemies affected by your Trap Skills has up to a 30% chance to make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.TBDFractured Peaks
Aspect of Branching VolleysOffensiveBarrage’s arrows have a 15% chance to split into 2 arrows whenever they ricochet.TBDHawezar
Aspect of CorruptionOffensiveYour Imbuements Skill effects have x20% increased potency against Vulnerable enemies.TBD
Aspect of Encircling BladesOffensiveFlurry damages enemies in a circle around you and deals x8% increased damage.Hallowed OssuaryFractured Peaks
Opportunist’s AspectOffensiveWhen you break Concealment, you drop a cluster of Stun Grenades around your location which explode, dealing X total Physical damage and Stunning enemies for 0.25 seconds.TBDKehjistan
Shadowslicer AspectOffensiveWhen you cast Dash, a Shadow Clone is spawned at your location that also casts Dash, dealing 25% of the base damage.TBDScosglen
Aspect of Sleeting ImbuementsOffensiveYour Rain of Arrows is always affected by all Imbuements Skills at once.TBDHawezar
Trickster’s AspectOffensiveCaltrops also throw a cluster of Stun Grenades that explode and deal X total Physical damage and Stunning enemies for 0.25 seconds.TBDDry Steppes
Aspect of Unstable ImbuementsOffensiveCasting a Skill that is Imbued creates an explosion around you, dealing X damage of the same type.TBDDry Steppes
Vengeful AspectOffensiveLucky Hit: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a 30% chance to grant a +3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds, up to +9%.TBDKehjistan
Aspect of Volatile BladesOffensiveTwisting Blades cause an explosion when they return to you, dealing X damage and X additional damage based on the distance the blades travel, up to 5 meters, and X total damage.TBDScosglen
Aspect of Volatile ShadowsOffensiveWhen a Dark Shroud shadow would be removed it explodes, dealing X Shadow damage around you.TBDDry Steppes
Energizing AspectResourceDamaging an Injured enemy with a Basic Skill generates 5 Energy.Sanguine ChapelFractured Peaks
Ravenous AspectResourceKilling a Vulnerable enemy grants you x50% increased Energy Regeneration for 4 seconds.TBDDry Steppes
Aspect of Explosive VerveUtilityYour Grenades Skills count as Trap Skills. Whenever you ready a Trap or drop Grenades, you gain a +10% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds.Derelict LodgeFractured Peaks
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