Search for Little Tuya Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat

“Blood and Sweat” is a side quest in Diablo 4 which requires that you search for “Little Tuya”. You get this quest when you read a bloodstained letter found near the Ruins of Qara-Yisu waypoint. The letter won’t give you too much information about where you need to go, only that you need to find this “Little Tuya” person. But where can she be found? Here’s where you should search for Little Tuya in Diablo 4 “Blood and Sweat” side quest. Since some players are reporting that they had problems with bugs in this quest, we have also included an explanation on what to do to fix this issue.

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Search for Little Tuya Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat
Search for Little Tuya Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat

Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat Little Tuya Location

When you find this letter, the next step is to go to a nearby spot and examine a Disturbed Stone there. We have marked the precise location where you need to go in our screenshots below. Once you have done this, a Crude Doll is going to drop from the stone. The last step in this side quest is to bring back this doll to Tuya herself. She can be found in Alzuuda, so travel there and speak to her to complete the “Blood and Sweat” side quest.

Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat Bug Fix

Several players have reported that they couldn’t interact with the Disturbed Stone – that it was missing. Because of this, they weren’t able to complete the quest. If this has happened to you, you should do the following – abandon the side quest, leave the game, log back in, and restart it. Doing this, you should then be able to progress and complete the quest normally. And if you have figured out any other way to fix this, then please share how you managed to do this with us down in the comments.

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