Diablo 4 Storming the Gates Bug, The Door is Sealed Issue Fix

In our Diablo 4 Storming the Gates Bug, The Door is Sealed Issue Fix guide, we are going to give you the solution to this problem. Or, at least, the one solution that we know for certain works, annoying though it may be. This bug is not new, unfortunately, but at least that means there’s a solution to it that the whole community agrees on. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

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diablo 4 storming the gates bug the door is sealed issue fix
Diablo 4 Storming the Gates Bug, The Door is Sealed Issue Fix

Diablo 4 Storming the Gates Bugged, The Door is Sealed Issue Solution

Before we get into the bug solution, let’s briefly describe how it’s all supposed to work without the Door is Sealed issue in the Diablo 4 Storming the Gates quest. What’s supposed to happen is, as you explore the Courts of Dawn, you will come across a second pile of Lilith’s Blood Petals (the first one being at the beginning of the dungeon). Now, you have to interact with the Petals to lift the seal from the nearby door. However, before you get the chance to touch the Petals, an elite enemy called Rohaska appears and you fight. After the battle, you touch the Petals, watch the cutscene, and the seal lifts. On you go, deeper underground and into fresh horrors.

Except, if you run into the Door is Sealed bug in Diablo 4 Storming the Gates, the door refuses to open, and the only solution is to fully exit the game. When you go back in, you should find yourself back at the offending gate. Be sure to interact with the Blood Petals before attempting to open the door, lest you trigger the bug again. This is the only solution we’re aware of, and it has worked since the beta. Yes, this issue has persisted from the testing stages. if you know of any other way to fix this situation, let us know in the comments. Even if the solution is simple, it’s incredibly aggravating to have to quit in the middle of a dungeon.

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