Diablo 4 Training Dummy Location

The Diablo 4 Training Dummy location has finally been added to the game, but players are having trouble figuring out where it is. Which is understandable, because it’s “hidden” in a brand new dungeon. You can easily miss it if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And as if that wasn’t enough, because Blizzard just can’t get anything right anymore, the dummy is not working as you’d expect it to. It’s a mess, so let’s clear things up a little.

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diablo 4 training dummy location
Diablo 4 Training Dummy Location

Where to Find Training Dummy in Diablo 4

You can find the location of the Training Dummy in Diablo 4 in a dungeon called Training Grounds. That’s in Kyovashad, just north of the statue where you change your world tier. You’ll find the entrance just to the right of the stairs leading up to the Cathedral of Light. Hop into the Training Grounds dungeon and you’ll spot the Training Dummy pretty much immediately. I mean, it’s not really a dungeon as much as it is a big room with the dummy in the middle. If you want to mess with the settings, interact with the gargoyle statue on the left. You can choose between Normal, Elite and Boss Dummies, as well as a single and multiple dummies. Not exactly the broadest selection, and the problems have only just begun. The thing is entirely useless.

where to find training dummy in diablo 4
Training Dummy location

Diablo 4 Training Dummy Not Working, DPS Not Showing

Now that we know where to find the location of the Training Dummy in Diablo 4, it’s my sad duty to inform you that it’s not working, and it’s not showing you your DPS. It’s not a glitch on your end. Not only that, but it’s a tossup whether your magical attacks are going to actually hit the thing or just stand there and watch. For example, the Hydras will do absolutely nothing, even if you engage the dummy in melee combat. And because it doesn’t show you the DPS, all you can do with it is watch the red line go down. The only thing we can do is hope that a future patch is going to actually turn it into something useful. Speaking of, you can read the latest patch notes right here.

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