Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin Loot Drop Rewards

What kind of loot will Treasure Goblins drop upon defeat in Diablo 4? Sneaky little full-of-loot thieves are back in Diablo IV! And just like in Diablo 3, they will appear randomly filled to the brim with goodies. If you want to know what rewards you will get when you beat a Treasure Goblin, here’s what loot we’ve received.

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Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin Loot Drop Rewards

Treasure Goblin Loot Drop Rewards Diablo 4

If you’ve ever played Diablo III, you are probably well familiar with how Treasure Goblins operate. Essentially, they are a type of rare event which will pop up randomly from time to time. Currently (which is the early access beta), they can only appear in dungeons but not in open-world areas. Unlike other most of the other random events, the Goblins will not fight back. However, they will be extremely tricky to defeat for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, they will run away from you and jump around like crazy. You will need to catch them and beat them before they open a portal and escape you. The second problem is that they will almost always appear in the heat of battle, where you’ll have to choose between damaging a real threat or abandoning the current target and going after the Treasure Goblin’s loot. Are they worth all that chase and risk?

After a couple of times on early levels (around ~17), we’ve finally managed to grab and defeat one. So, what kind of loot the Treasure Goblin dropped for us? As you can see in the images below, we’ve managed to get one legendary, two rare, and one magic item, plus a bunch of coins. Based on other people’s experiences, you’ll always get one legendary item, a few rare and magic items, and slight variations in terms of the total amount of gold. So there you have it. That’s the Treasure Goblin Loot in Diablo 4.

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