Diablo 4 Upgrade Gems, Flawless & Royal Gems

In our Diablo 4 Upgrade Gems, Flawless & Royal Gems guide, we will explain how to upgrade Gems in Diablo IV and how to unlock and craft Flawless and Royal Gems. These two are the highest level of Gem you can have, and they require a lot of grinding both levels and materials. But, then again, the bonuses they give are eventually worth the effort. Let’s get into it.

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diablo 4 upgrade gems flawless & royal gems
Diablo 4 Upgrade Gems, Flawless & Royal Gems

How to Upgrade Gems in Diablo 4

To upgrade Gems in Diablo 4, which is one of the ways you can get Flawless and Royal Gems, you first have to reach level 20. At that point, you’ll get the quest called Gem Crafting. It requires you to have a talk with the Kyovashad jeweler, Kratia. After the conversation, you’ll be able to upgrade Gems at any jeweler on the map.

Now, there are seven types of Gem in Diablo IV: Amethyst, Ruby, Skull, Diamond, Sapphire, Topaz and Emerald. Each has five levels of quality, or rarity: Crude, Chipped, regular, Flawless and Royal. Crafting a Gem of one quality requires three gems of the same type and of one rarity tier lower. And some gold, of course. For example, to make a Chipped Amethyst, you need three Crude Amethysts. To craft a Flawless Emerald, that’s three regular Emeralds. You get the idea.

How to Get Flawless and Royal Gems in Diablo 4

Now that we know how to upgrade Gems in Diablo 4, let’s talk more about how to get Flawless and Royal Gems. The crafting system certainly does work best, but you won’t get access to the two highest tiers of Gem until you level up far enough. Specifically, Flawless Gems appear to unlock when you hit level 60, and Royal Gems at level 70. So, that’s a long way to go before you can even attempt to make these two levels of Gem. Of course, the higher your character level and World Tier, the better Gems you’ll have the chance to get as random drops. Incidentally, the ability to craft regular Gems, the tier above Chipped, unlocks at level 40. So, good luck out there.

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