Diablo Immortal Cursed Items Explained

Diablo Immortal’s third major update is now live, and it comes filled to the brim with new content and features for players to explore. This includes the Dread Reaver dungeon, the Accursed Towers PvPvE game mode, the Astral Bloom elite quest, and much more. There’s also a new type of item in Diablo Immortal – Cursed Items. Read on as we explain what they are and how they work.

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Diablo Immortal Cursed Items Explained

How Do Cursed Items Work in Diablo Immortal?

Cursed Items are a new type of Legendary Item in Diablo Immortal. This exciting new gear is perfect for those who like to play with double-edged sword strategies, as these items are exactly that. So, how do they work? Fairly simple, to be frank. Cursed Items have what is called a Cursed Property. In fact, each Cursed Item has two cursed properties – one Positive and one Negative. The idea behind these items is that they offer powerful bonuses in a form of their Positive Cursed Property, but it comes at a cost of having a Negative Cursed Property. Ideally, this creates interesting strategic dilemmas for players – is the item’s positive bonus worth its negative offset? Other than Cursed Properties, the rest of Cursed Items is exactly the same as other Legendary Items in DI.

However, keep in mind that neither positive nor negative Cursed Property activates until you have equipped at least two items with the same Positive Cursed Property. For example, check out these two theoretical Diablo Immortal Cursed Items:

  • Item A
    • Positive: Your summoning skills have a chance to release a demonic roar dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Negative: Increases Cooldown of Dash skills.
  • Item B
    • Positive: Your summoning skills have a chance to release a demonic roar dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Negative: Reduces Primary Attack damage.

If you have both of these equipped, you’ll have their positive effect, but also both of the negative effects (Increases Cooldown of Dash skills and reduces Primary Attack damage). Finally, it should be noted that Positive Property becomes more powerful as you equip multiple Cursed Items with the same Positive Property. For more details about Diablo Immortal Cursed Items, check out the official Age of Falling Towers blog post.

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