Diablo Immortal Light Nine Lamps, Lost Runes

Now that Diablo Immortal has been released, players are once again making their way to the dark world of Sanctuary. The newest entry in the long-running Diablo franchise, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game that can be played on the PC, Android, and iOS devices. Like every other Diablo game, DI is also centered around dispatching demonic enemies and solving quests. One quest in particular is giving a lot of players grief. The quest in question is “Lost Runes” and it requires that you light nine lamps in order to proceed. However, solving the torch puzzle all randomly isn’t the way to go here. So how do you light all nine lamps in the Diablo Immortal Lost Runes quest? Our guide is here with the correct solution for this puzzle.

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Diablo Immortal Light Nine Lamps, Lost Runes

How To Light All Nine Lamps Diablo Immortal – Torch puzzle

If you attempt to just randomly light all nine of these lamps, you will soon discover that you can’t complete the quest this way. Though, don’t worry, you can easily reset the torches and attempt this puzzle as many times as you need. The solution for this puzzle can actually be read in the book right next to it. It says that what you need to do here is to light the four corner lamps first, before you press the lamp in the middle last. It doesn’t matter which order you do this in, all that matters is that you press the four corner lamps and then the one in the middle. You can see how this looks like in our screenshot directly below. Doing it like this will also cause the other lamps to also light up. The rune will now appear and you are then free to pick it up. You can then proceed to finish the quest.

how to light nine lamps lost runes quest diablo immortal
How to light nine lamps Lost Runes quest Diablo Immortal.
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