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Low Chaos is a playthrough of Dishonored 2 in which you were awarded the low chaos badge after every mission. It leads to the best possible ending, and unlocks the In Good Conscience achievement. Getting it can be tricky – the mechanic is obfuscated, and the game won’t tell you which actions raise your chaos rating. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Dishonored 2 Low Chaos, what to do and what to avoid if you want to unlock the trophy.

Emily Low Chaos Guide Dishonored 2

How to get Low Chaos in Dishonored 2

Low chaos means that you will finish with as little as possible kills through the game. A certain number of murders is allowed, but if you want to be sure, you should avoid killing altogether. This will allow you to get he Clean Hands trophy as well.

If you still want to kill stuff, here’s some general advice on how to act:
  • Beasts don’t count towards the total – you can kill all the bloodflies you want, it won’t matter.
  • Infected people are still people, their murders count.
  • When it comes to important targets, look for other solutions. Whether it’s sparing them, or consigning them to a fate potentially worse than death, there is always another way.
  • Environmental and incidental kills still count like yours.
  • Sometimes morally right choices lower the total – this can be useful if you’ve accidentally killed more than you should’ve.
  • Always save your game in multiple slots in case you accidentally kill someone.

Emily Low Chaos Tips

  • Use stealth takedowns if necessary and always hide the unconscious guard in a safe area. Use sleep darts from your crossbow to take down enemies from long ranges. The crossbow with sleep darts can also be used to take down multiple enemies in a very short period of time.
  • Pick up objects and throw them to distract the guards.
  • Use the Far Reach ability to get out of sight quickly. Also use it to get to higher ground and avoid detection. We want to avoid combat if possible. Always plan ahead and be aware of your surroundings. When upgraded, the ability can be used to pull a guard from a distance and choke him out quietly.
  • Dark Vision will let you see all living things through walls and objects. Use it to scout the area before proceeding.
  • Use Mesmerize to hypnotize multiple enemies and slip past them unnoticed.
  • Domino skill can be used in crowded areas. Link different targets and just use your stealth takedown on the first. All linked targets will share the same fate and they will all fall to the ground unconscious. Hide all bodies in a secluded area to avoid suspicion and proceed undetected.
  • If you eventually get detected, use the Doppelganger ability. It will summon a shade of yourself to attract enemies while you escape to a safe area. Later upgrades to this skill will give you the ability to summon 2 shades instead of one.
  • Shadow Walk ability will turn Emily into a stealthier form for a short time, and can also be used to quietly take down enemies. Later upgrades will grant you the ability to crawl down rat holes and passages.

Corvo Low Chaos Guide

  • Use Blink to easily traverse around the environment without being seen. You can even combine it with your jump to cover more ground. Use high ground to scout the area before proceeding. Rooftops are great vantage points.
  • Using the Dark Vision you will be able to see better in the dark. You will also see guards through walls. It’s a great skill for scouting new areas and rooms. Plan your movement accordingly.
  • Pick up objects such as bottles in your missions, and throw them to distract guards as you slip pass unnoticed.
  • Bend time is a great power that will let you slow down time and even stop it completely once its upgraded. With this ability, you will easily traverse crowded areas without being spotted.
  • Possession power will let you take over a host. Possess a guard and simply move freely. You can even switch between possessed guards. You can also possess dead bodies to avoid suspicion. Possess bloodflies to fly away and crawl into tiny spaces.
  • Use sleep darts to take down enemies from a distance, and make sure that you hide the body in a safe area to avoid suspicion. You can quite easily put multiple enemies to sleep in a short period of time.
  • Do not use Devouring Swarm, since the rats will kill the guards. Also avoid using Windblast on your enemies since it will most certainly kill them.
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