Division 2 BTSU Datagloves Exotic Gloves - How to Get

BTSU Datagloves are a piece of exotic gear in The Division 2. They’re a pair of Black Tusk gloves that greatly improve the efficiency of your skills. They were added in Title Update 5, and they’re pretty easy to get – however, the method isn’t that obvious. This guide will help you obtain the Division 2 BTSU Datagloves exotic gloves, and show you what they look like, as well as what their talents are.

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division 2 btsu datagloves exotic gloves
Division 2 BTSU Datagloves Exotic Gloves – How to Get

How to get BTSU Datagloves?

There’s no trick here, but there’s quite a bit of chance. In order to get these gloves, you’ll have to play through the Camp White Oak mission – one of the new main missions. Near the end, you’ll fight a Black Tusk boss called Galveston. Once you’ve killed him, he might drop the gloves. If not, you’ll have to replay the mission over and over until he does. From what we’ve seen, the difficulty level doesn’t matter, so you can scale it down if you’re having trouble.

BTSU Datagloves stats & talents

As we’ve already mentioned, these gloves work best with skill builds. The first talent is called Elemental Gadgetry, and it makes skills that apply a status affect gain +50% effect duration and +50% skill haste. Then there’s Energy Infusion – whenever you apply a status effect, the gloves will become infused with it for 60 seconds. While the effect lasts, you’ll get +10% skill damage, +10% skill healing and repair, as well as +10% skill duration for each utility you have equipped.

The last one is called Charged Proxies. When you throw a skill, it will create an explosion after a little more than a second. The explosion will apply the infused status effect to all enemies withing a 6 meter radius. Everyone affected by the infused status effect will take +50% damage from your skills.

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  1. M
    Matt Boulton

    Just had these drop in open world play from the event which blocks a settlement (Theatre in my case). They randomly dropped from a Tusk mob who was defending the event site.

  2. B

    I had these drop during an outcast bounty

  3. J
    james hulet

    Both of my pairs were during a level 6 cryptid Smurf invasion…… Just kidding, I got 1 pair from black tusks, tidal Basin, and the other was from White oak, both were on hard. Hope this helps, enjoy the game for what it is, fun


    1. H
      Hume Connor

      Mine give me overcharge when I break a hive

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