Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle - How to Get

Diamondback is a new exotic weapon in The Division 2. It’s a level-action rifle with a snake coiled around the barrel. It’s been available on the PTS for a while, and the look turned out to be pretty divisive. On the other hand, everyone who had the chance to try it out seems to be in love with the perks and what the gun actually does. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Division 2 Diamondback exotic rifle, what it looks like and what it does.

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division 2 diamondback exotic rifle
Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle – How to Get

How to get Diamondback?

In order to get the Diamondback rifle, you’ll have to download Title Update 5, then complete all three of the Kenly College expeditions. You can start them by selecting the rightmost circle north of the city’s map, but keep in mind only one is active at any given time. They’re on a somewhat confusing perhaps-weekly rotation, so you’ll have to come back periodically and play the new missions when they become available.

Nobody knows what exactly happens after you do, but you’ll definitely have to complete the whole set of expeditions before you can get the weapon.

Diamondback stats & talents

If you can get over the snake, which a lot of people can’t, you’ll be in for a treat. This lever-action rifle fires 100 rounds per minute and comes with a 5 round magazine. The talents it has are pretty interesting – unique, if nothing else. There’s Agonizing Bite, which makes the gun randomly mark an enemy. When you shoot that enemy, the mark will disappear and you’ll do a critical hit with +20% damage than usual. It’ll then mark a new random enemy. Every time you reload, it’ll also mark someone else.

Deep Fangs is a buff that you get after hitting five marked enemies. It gives you +50% reload speed, +20% damage and guaranteed critical hits for 10 seconds. Finally, Shedding Skin, will give you +20% bonus armor for 3 seconds each time you load a round. While the gun is holstered, it’ll give you +8% bonus armor for 2 seconds when you reload or cycle your weapons.


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