Dragov Mission Secret Room & Key Location in Division 2

Dragov is one of the rogue agents in The Division 2: Warlords of New York. In order to hunt him down, you’ll have to enter his stronghold at the New York Federal Exchange and dispatch his minions first. While inside, you might stumble upon a lock door blocking entrance to Conference Suite B. If you take a peek through the nearby window, you’ll notice a bunch of weapon crates on the table inside. If you’re wondering where to find Dragov’s key, which allows you to enter this room and loot the chests, keep reading our Division 2 Dragov mission secret room & key location guide.

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division 2 dragov mission secret room key location
Dragov Mission Secret Room & Key Location in Division 2

Where to find Dragov’s key?

As you play through the mission, you’ll end up in a room with a big cage in the middle of it. You’ll notice the yellow item glowing in the cage – that’s the key. The electrified fence will stop you from outright grabbing it, but there’s a way around it. You’ll have to shoot three yellow fuse boxes in order to shut down the electricity. The first box is in the secret room next to the cage. You can see it through the broken shutters on the window.

The other two are on the trading floor. As soon as you enter it for the first time, look up and to the left. You’ll notice the box high up on the wall, below the catwalk. The other one is on the right side of the room, on the underside of the catwalk near the giant flag hanging from the wall.

How to use Dragov’s key?

Once you grab the key from the cage, leave and head towards the door to Conference Suite B (the massive wooden door with the digital clock above it, under the room from which you first came here). You’ll notice the keypad next to it is now glowing green instead of red. Open the door, then head inside. To pass the fence afterwards, you’ll have to turn around and shoot another yellow box in the corner.