Division 2 Hyena keys, True Sons keys and Outcast Key Locations

The Division 2 Hyena Keys will help you open Hyena crates. While searching for keys you will also come across True Sons and Outcast keys. They’re special keys that can be used to unlock gang stash loot boxes. These crates are scattered around the map – you’ve probably already ran into at least one – and contain various gear and weapons. Unfortunately the game will not tell you anything about the keys like where and how to find them. The keys are on a timer: once you pick one up, it’ll disappear for a while, so you can’t really farm them. If you’re wondering where to find them, this guide will show you Division 2 Hyena Keys, True Sons, Outcast key locations.

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division 2 hyenas true sons outcast key locations
Division 2 Hyenas, True Sons, Outcast Key Locations

Hyena key Division 2

The keys can be found in key cabinets. We’ve found most of them hanging off walls in underground passages. They’re pretty hard to spot, especially in the dark, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you interact with a cabinet and loot its contents, it’ll stay open. The keys might respawn during the daily or weekly reset, or they might be on a timer. In any case, you won’t be able to return there immediately and get another. Here are some of the locations which contain these cabinets:

Your best bet would be to check out any underground passage you run into. The type of key probably depends on the area you’re in, as these loot stashes belong to different gangs operating in Washington DC. You can always keep a healthy stack of keys in your inventory, and you’re surely going to use them all up at some point. The boxes are mostly in mission-specific areas, which means you can’t just run out and look for a key whenever you find a box. You’ll have to come prepared. We located 7 Hyena Chests and you can find them in the video below.

Division 2 True Sons Chest locations

While wandering throughout Division 2 world you will find your pockets full of different fraction keys. On the other hand it’s not that easy and obvious to find corresponding chests. With that in mind we decided to share with you easiest to reach True Sons Chest locations and in the video below you can see five True Sons Crate locations. All of these locations are connected to some side missions.

We’ll keep playing, and we’ll update this guide with more locations as we discover them. If you find any we haven’t listed, feel free to share your findings in the comments. You’re looking for more Division 2 stuff? Look no further! Check out our youtube channel. We post video guides there daily and livestream.

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