Division 2 Kajika's Key & Secret Room Location in Pathway Park

Kajika’s key is an item in Division 2. You can get it in Pathway Park, while hunting Javier Kajika. It opens a special door that leads to a secret room with several weapon crates. The key is pretty well hidden, and the it opens is far from the spot you find the key in. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, this guide will show you Division 2 Kajika’s key & secret room location in Pathway Park.

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division 2 kajika's key secret room location pathway park
Division 2 Kajika’s Key & Secret Room Location in Pathway Park

Where to find Kajika’s key?

When you get to the control room on the second floor, the one overlooking the courtyard with the twisty helix statue, go into the hallway leading to the stairs. Turn left immediately and enter the machine room. Jump over the blue tool box and you’ll find a dead body hidden behind it. Interact with it, and it’ll drop the key.

How to use Kajika’s key in Pathway Park?

Once you’ve grabbed the key, you’ll have to haul it all the way to the end of the mission. Once you’ve beaten Kajika, you’ll have to find his hideout. When you get there, go past the table with the laptop and turn right. You’ll see a door with a “staff only” sign next to it. This is where you use your key. Inside, you’ll find a big weapon crate and several backpacks, duffel bags and such.

This is the first the secret boss key actually opens a door – not a computer terminal or keypad. This one differs from the previous keys; the key itself is very well hidden, and there’s no way you’d spot it accidentally. The door is much more obvious, but it takes a while to reach it, so you might drop your guard and forget all about the key by the time you’re there.