The Division 2 Open Beta Will Have New Content - Missions, Maps, Skills

After the private beta that took place a couple of weeks ago, The Division 2 is preparing for an open beta. It’s going to let a lot more people take a gander at the game, and it’s going to happen this weekend. The developers at Ubisoft have been busy in the interim, and the open beta is going to have a bit more content in it than the last one thanks to that. They’ve published a detailed blog post with all the changes, and we’re going to give you a breakdown of the biggest ones after the break.

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division 2 open beta
The Division 2 Open Beta Will Have New Content – Missions, Maps, Skills

The open beta is going to have three main story missions – two from the previous test (Grand Washington Hotel, Jefferson Trade Center), and one new (Viewpoint Museum). All three will be playable on both normal and hard difficulty. The map will consist of four areas – the White House, Downtown East, the Federal Triangle and the Smithsonian – which will house five side missions and a bunch of open world activities.

Dark Zone East will also be part of the offering, letting you try out the PvP features of the game. If you’re more into organized PvP, you’ll be able to try out Skirmish and Conflict modes, on two maps – Stadium and Capitol Ruins.

Finally, the open beta will also give you a glimpse of the end game. Once you’re done with the story missions, you’ll be able to play an end-game mission using one of three pre-made level 30 characters. Each will have a different specialization, and you’ll be given a chance to take all three for a spin. If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty, because you’ve played the previous test or just like your info sprinkled with technical details, you can view the full changelog on the game’s website.

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