Division 2 Pentagon The Last Castle Content Update Details Revealed

Ubisoft have released some details about the upcoming second content update for The Division 2. The update is gonna launch on October 15th, and bring a lot of new content and improvements to the game. Naturally, those of you that own the Year 1 Pass are gonna get your hands on a lot of it before the others.

Division 2 Pentagon The Last Castle Content Update Details Revealed
Division 2 Pentagon The Last Castle Content Update Details Revealed

So, what can you look forward to seeing in The Division 2 starting October 15th? Well, for one, there will be two new main missions, Pentagon and DARPA Research Lab. Mind you, you’ll only be able to access these missions on October 15th if you’re a Year 1 Pass owner. According to the official post, the missions become available for all on October 22nd. There’ll also be two classified assignments, which will be exclusive for season pass owners. And, let’s not forget the the new specialization, The Technician. It unlocks instantly for Season Pass havers.

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You can also expect to see a bunch of other improvements to the game. Among others, the changes will include increased build diversity, targeted loot, Conflict rewards, and Dark Zone intensity. Oh, and 38 new branded gear items, a new weapon and exotic gear piece, expedition Mastery system, and much more. So, yeah, there’s a lot to look forward to in the content drop. Yeah, there’s some difference between the haves and have-nots, but that’s the name of the game these days.

It’s not all sunshine, camo-pants, and rugged survivalism, tough. According to the same post, the second raid in Division 2 won’t launch when initially planned. Instead, it’s gonna start some time in 2020; there’s not exact date yet. It’s all for good reason, of course; the devs simply need more time to deliver the optimal experience. Or, as they put it: “The extra time for our teams will help ensure the second raid not only meets our standards, but yours as well.”

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