Division 2 Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items - Gold & Ultimate Edition

Division 2 preorder bonus items include exclusive weapon skins, outfits, blueprints and more. There are several tiers of rewards – ones for those who bought the game before release, another for those who get the gold edition, and yet another for the owners of the ultimate edition. They’re all obtainable in the same way, but it’s a convoluted procedure. If you’re having trouble getting them in the game, this guide will show you where to find preorder bonus items in Division 2.

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division 2 where to find preorder bonus items
Division 2 Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items – Gold & Ultimate Edition

How to get preorder bonus items in Division 2?

Regardless of which edition you’ve bought, the rewards will be in the same place – your stash at the Base of Operations. You can get them as soon as you’ve reached the White House, but you’ll need to claim them first. To do this, enter the lower level of the White House and interact with the stash. If you look in the top right corner, you’ll see several icons – use the appropriate buttons (Q/E on PC, RB/LB or R1/L1 on console) to select the one on the right.

You’ll see three options. Choose the rightmost one, called Grants. Inside that menu, you’ll find all the preorder bonus items you own. Before you can use them, you’ll have to move them to your inventory (F on PC). Go back to the main stash screen and they’ll now be available.

The basic preorder includes a Hazmat suit, the Lullaby shotgun and a weapon blueprint. Those same rewards come with the gold edition as well. The ultimate one will give you a bunch more stuff, though: it grants you the Battleworn Secret Service pack (outfit, M4A1 skin, emote), the First Responder pack (outfit, weapon skin) and the Elite Agent pack (exotic assault rifle, skill effect, more stash space).

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