Division 2 Year 1 Episodic DLC Further Details Revealed at E3

During their E3 2019 presentation, Ubisoft released new details about the three Episode DLC content coming to The Division 2. Every episode is gonna have new content for you to explore. Episode 1 is gonna feature three new missions, Episode 2 will take you to the Pentagon and have the second raid, and Episode 3 will take you back all the way to New York City.

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Division 2 Year 1 Episodic DLC Further Details Revealed at E3
Division 2 Year 1 Episodic DLC Further Details Revealed at E3

So, without further ado, Episode 1, coming in July 2019. This is going to have to several new main missions and other stuff. It’s going to take you outside of Washington D.C. proper, and into the outskirts. The first mission will take you to a presidential compound, on the trail of a traitor to bring to justice. Mission 2 will take place at the National Zoo, in search for a survivng outcast leader. The third mission is going to take you to Kenly College, seeking after a convoy that went dark, trying to figure out what happened to it.

Next up, Episode 2, coming this fall. It’s going to take you into the Pentagon (the episode’s name is Pentagon: The Last Castle, after all). The Pentagon building has fallen under the control of the Black Tusk. Needless to say, the many secrets squirreled away in the Pentagon are at risk. Your job will presumably be to clear out the Black Tusk and make sure that they don’t reveal whatever’s hidden down there. Oh, and that will also be the setting of the second raid, which will also be an eight-player affair, also coming in the fall.

Lastly, we have Episode 3, which will launch some time in early 2020. Now, this one is pretty interesting for more than one reason. For one, the trailer makes it crystal clear that you’ll be hunting someone who used to be a Division agent. Also, it seems like Episode 3 is going to take you back to New York City, the grand theater of war in the first Division. I’m fairly certain that many Division fans are sharpening their fangs already.

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