Doom Eternal Ten-Minute Gameplay Video is Everything You'd Expect

IGN have released a video that covers the first ten minutes of Doom Eternal, and it is glorious. It really is like Doom 2016, but on three cans of Red Bull. I am even more annoyed now that they had to move the launch date to March, as much as I understand why it was necessary. Also, if you’ve read some of my previous articles I’ve written about Doom, you’ll know I get a bit weird about it. And I’m gonna do it again now. Fair warning.

Doom Eternal Ten-Minute Gameplay Video is Everything Youd Expect
Doom Eternal Ten-Minute Gameplay Video is Everything You’d Expect

Right from the get-go, Doom Eternal tells you to rip and tear until it is done. Got it. That’s all I need to know. But, we do get some more exposition, most of it visual. We see the world completely destroyed, and the Doom guy suiting up to go down there and kick demon ass. Cocks the shotgun, walks through the portal, metal music starts pumping, and we’re off to the races. The next scene is you with a shotgun pointed right at a zombie. Oh, yes please.

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The rest of the video shows off the game in all its gory glory. We get to see several different variety of demons. We see two guns and the wrist blade that the Doom guy has now, as well as the glory that is the chainsaw. The video also demonstrates some of the new, more vertical gameplay. Doom guy can double jump, and also use yellow poles to stay airborne for a longer while and reach high-up platforms. It’s fast-paced, and it’s as brutal and violent as it can get. I want it, and I want it now!

You can check out IGN’s ten-minute gameplay video of Doom Eternal below, just so you can see what I’m gushing about. Trust me, it’s gonna whet your appetite something fierce. Doom Eternal is coming out on March 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. It’s also launching on the Switch at a later point of the year; not exact date as of yet, though.

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