Alternate Outfits & Costumes in DBZ Kakarot

Alternate outfits are costumes that change the look of the characters in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Some characters have them, others don’t. These include Gohan’s several age variations, Vegeta’s Badman shirt, and more. Characters will show up in alternative costumes at certain points in the story. The main question everyone is asking is whether you can use the DBZ Kakarot alternate outfits & costumes outside of the scripted story beats and if you can change clothes at will.

dbz kakarot alternate outfits costumes
Alternate Outfits & Costumes in DBZ Kakarot

Can you change outfits in DBZ Kakarot?

As far as we can tell, the answer is no. You can’t switch outfits by yourself, no matter who you’re playing as. The skins and costumes that are available are tied to the main story, and you’ll get to use them when the game decides it’s time. It’s kind of similar to the transformations situation, in the sense that it’s a highly controlled feature.

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During the specific story episodes, you’ll get to play as child, teen and adult Gohan, as Vegeta in his training outfit, the original Saiyan suit and the battle suit. Him and Goku will turn Super Saiyan in several instances, which also changes the way they look. The main story is rich with situations in which characters change their look, it’s just that you can’t use this mystical power outside of the main story.

In other words, there’s no way to customize your fighter’s appearance in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The reason behind this might be of a technical nature. There’s a rumor that the previous games used a new model whenever someone was about to appear with different clothing. This would mean there are four Gohan models in the game, and the game simply spawns the appropriate one whenever there’s a sartorial change, and that’s bound to eat up resources.

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