Big Fish Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Majin Buu Quest

DBZ Kakarot Big Fish location is a kind of fish you can catch in the game, and it’s necessary for the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest for Mister Satan. The quest step, basically, requires you to catch a big fish to satisfy Majin Buu. The task is not too difficult, but you do have to know where you can catch the big fish. So, in our Big Fish Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Majin Buu Quest guide, we’re going to show you where to catch the big fish for the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest.

Big Fish Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Majin Buu Quest
Big Fish Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Majin Buu Quest

Where to Catch Big Fish to Satisfy Majin Buu In DBZ Kakarot?

To catch the Big Fish in DBZ Kakarot to satisfy Majin Buu, and complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit quest, the first order of business is to get out of Satan City and head to the southwest. There is a small lake, bordering on a pond, with a fishing icon next to it (click on the images below to see exactly where you need to go). Once on location, all you have to do is fish. You can drop some bait, if you want to, but it’s not necessary at all. We didn’t use bait, and still caught a Big Fish on our third try.

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At this stage of the game, you know the fishing mechanics, but here’s the basic rundown if you need a refresher. Stand on the fishing spot, and press Circle on PlayStation / left click on PC to start fishing. You can use the directional buttons / left analog stick to wiggle your tail to attract fish. When the fish bites, a meter will appear with a button prompt. Press the required button when the pointer is in the orange part. Complete the next button prompt to catch the fish.

The fish you need, aka the Big Fish, is gray. There are other fish that live in the lake, and that you might come across, that won’t do for the quest. Still, you can use the resources they give you, so don’t despair if you don’t catch the Big Fish on your first try. When you get what you need, go back to Mister Satan to advance the quest. For assistance with the next step, check out our Premium Golden Venison Location – Buu the Bottomless Pit guide.

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      Nah man, it is southwest. Left on the map is west, right is east. The small lake is down and to the left of satan city.

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