Fishing in DBZ Kakarot - Bait & Item Effects

Fishing is one of the activities in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Goku uses his tail to fish, and there’s a mini-game you have to complete to successfully capture a fish. There are baits and other items that can help you attract more fish, get more items from them and such. If you’re wondering how any of it works, this guide is going to explain DBZ Kakarot fishing, baits and everything to do with them.

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dbz kakarot fishing baits
Fishing in DBZ Kakarot – Bait & Item Effects

When does fishing become available in DBZ Kakarot?

Thankfully, the mini-game unlocks pretty much right away. You’ll get the first chance to fish during the Slice of Life mission, which is the first one. After the game allows you to go on your merry way, you’ll be able to visit different fishing spots and enjoy the sport.

How fishing works?

Stand in the marked circle, and you’ll get two button prompts – “use bait” and “fish”. The former will allow you to use a bait; they have various effects, from attracting different kinds of fish, to increasing the number of items you get afterwards. The latter option makes Goku dip his tail into the water.

You can wiggle it around to attract fish, and when one of them bites, a meter will show up. There will be a hand going from left to right and back – press the appropriate button when it’s in the highlighted area, and Goku will pull the fish out into the air. You’ll get another prompt, this time with a rapidly narrowing circle. Press the button when the circle enters the marked area, and he’ll punch the fish. You will then get to loot it for food items.

Where to find baits?

There are many ways to obtain baits in DBZ Kakarot. You can buy them from traders, get them as quest rewards, find them freely available in the world. Make sure you have a healthy stock, to avoid having to look for them specifically when you want to fish.

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