Great Energetic Fish & Royal Tomato Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Tough Break for Turtle is one of the side quests in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It involves getting a bunch of ingredients the quest giver asks for, including a Royal Tomato and a bunch of Great Energetic Fish. The former will be marked on one of the maps, but the latter is more difficult to find. This guide will help you complete the quest by showing DBZ Kakarot great energetic fish & royal tomato locations.

dbz kakarot great energetic fish royal tomato locations
Great Energetic Fish & Royal Tomato Locations in DBZ Kakarot

How to get Royal Tomato?

The turtle will tell you about a farmer who grows these very specific tomatoes, and is willing to sell them. Open up the world map, then travel to Goku’s house in the mountains. Open up the area map and look for the blue exclamation mark, showing you where the farm is. Go there and talk to the farmer. He’s willing to sell the tomato, but he doesn’t want your money. Instead, he wants 10 great energetic fish.

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Where to find Great Energetic Fish?

These won’t be marked on your map, so the task is considerably more difficult. The farmer will tell you to keep your eyes peeled for birds – whenever you see them circling above the water, that means fish can be found under it. Travel to the Kame House and start flying above the ocean. Whenever you see a flock of gulls circling, dive into the water and you’ll probably catch a fish or two. It’ll probably take a while, since you rarely catch more than one at a time. Just keep looking for birds and stealing their dinner, and you’ll be done in no time.

You’ll find a whole lot of regular energetic fish by the coast – those aren’t the ones you’re looking for, but they can be used for other things.

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    I am leaving this comment so that you may update your guide. If you go to the North West corner(where the merchants are) of the Southeast Islands map and fly thrugh out the water there you can get all of the Great Energetic Fish you need in one pass around the island there.

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