King Yemma Quiz Questions & Answers in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

King Yemma quiz is part of a story mission in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It’s a simple affair – the ruler of the Other World will ask Goku questions, and you’ll have to answer. All of the answers were revealed during the preceding conversation, so it’s a piece of cake. Unless, of course, you’ve skipped the dialogue, which we’re guessing most people did. In that case, you’ll probably need some help, which is what we’re offering in our DBZ Kakarot King Yemma quiz questions & answers guide.

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dbz kakarot king yemma quiz questions answers
King Yemma Quiz Questions & Answers in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

How to answer King Yemma’s questions?

In order to prove you’re worthy of King Kai’s training, you’ll have to answer several questions posed by King Yemma, the ruler of the Other World. They’re pretty simple – there are only two options for each, and answers were part of the conversation you had with him before he decided to quiz you. Here’s a list of the questions and answers:

  1. Where was Raditz sent? Hell
  2. Who is more powerful? King Yemma
  3. Who is judged here after death? Everyone
  4. Is there a way to bring back those who have already died? Yes
  5. Which question is this? The 5th

The funny thing is, it seems like you can give him the wrong answers without suffering any consequences. We made a mistake on one of the questions – he accepted the answer, then Kami corrected us both, and Yemma just glossed over the whole thing. Kami even mentions how the king is famous for his powers of denial. It would seem you can pick whichever answer you want and you’ll be permitted to go to King Kai regardless of whether it’s wrong or right.

Looks like the whole thing is just a friendly joke, a way for the developers to let us know they’re aware players are skipping conversations whenever they can.

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