Best Pawn Inclination for Mages in Dragon's Dogma 2

While your choice of Vocation (which is what the game calls classes) is very important in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s likewise crucial to pair this with the right Pawn. Your Main Pawn should work in tandem with you, making sure that your Vocation weaknesses don’t hamper you too much. For example, though the Mage is one of the most powerful Vocations out there, it can also be very difficult to play. This is because all the best spells have a long casting time, during which your Mage Arisen is left open to attacks. Because of that, you will want to know what is the best Pawn Inclination for Mages in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Here’s which Pawn Vocation and Inclination combo work best for Mages.

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Best Pawn Inclination for Mages in Dragon's Dogma 2
Best Pawn Inclination for Mages in Dragon’s Dogma 2

What is the Best Pawn Inclination for Mages in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Again, what you are looking for here is not just the ideal Pawn Inclination, but also their Vocation. After all, it won’t do you any good if both you and your Main Pawn are Mages, as the idea here is that your Pawn is going to protect you while you cast your spells. As such, the best early Vocation for your Pawn is probably Fighter. This is the perfect bodyguard for a Mage Arisen, as they can tie up most enemies while allowing you to cast spells from afar. The Thief also works here, though it is more of a glass cannon Vocation.

Now, as for the best Pawn Inclination, there are two optimal choices here. Either Kindhearted, or Straightforward. Kindhearted is all about support, and these Pawns are going to run towards you to help when they see that you are in danger. On the other hand, Straightforward is going to attack your enemies head-on, without any regard for their own – or your – safety. Kindhearted probably works better here, but if you find that you need your Pawn to rush into combat as a distraction, then Straightforward is the way to go.

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