Dragon's Dogma 2 Black Freakish Mane Location

In our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Black Freakish Mane Location guide, we are going to explain how you can get this item. It is not going to be easy, but you’ll have to do it. Why? Because the Black Freakish Mane is necessary to upgrade a laundry list of items, and most of them require more than just one. So, you’ll be doing a lot of farming, depending on your needs. But what and where are you supposed to farm? Let’s talk about it.

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dragons dogma 2 black freakish mane location
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Black Freakish Mane Location

How to Get Black Freakish Mane in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To get the Black Freakish Mane in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you have to hunt down Gorechimeras. I’ve seen people say that you can also get them from regular Chimeras, but that certainly hasn’t been the case for us. Maybe it’s just a really, really rare drop, which essentially makes it a waste of time. Now, as far as where Gorechimeras go, it seems they spawn in the same places that regular Chimeras do, but in the post-game. As in, after you complete the main story. One such location is in the Waterfall Cave, which is near the start of the game and only opens up later on. You can see where to go in the screenshot below.

how to get black freakish mane in dragons dogma 2
Waterfall Cave Gorechimera location

So, yeah, that is one location where you can farm the Black Freakish Mane in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you know of other locations, let us know in the comments. When you find yourself going toe to toe with a Gorechimera, be aware that it has more health than the regular version. Moreover, it has a different move set, so you really have to come prepared and with a good team of Pawns. You need to be around level 21 or level 22 to comfortably deal with this monster. And even then, you should be careful, because the Gorechimera can make easy work of you if you just run in willy-nilly. But considering that the Mane is necessary to upgrade a ton of items, it’s worth the trouble.

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