Does Dragon's Dogma 2 Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

Curious whether Dragon’s Dogma 2 will have multiplayer co-op? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to discuss whether the sequel is going to feature any sort of multiplayer, and what that’s going to look like. If you were entertaining thoughts of playing the game with your friends, I have some bad news for you. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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does dragons dogma 2 have multiplayer co-op
Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 Multiplayer?

No, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will not have multiplayer co-op, or multiplayer of any kind. Like its predecessor, the first Dragon’s Dogma, it will be a single-player only experience. Which is a bummer, because with the whole Pawn mechanic, you’d think it’d be ripe for a co-op system like Dark Souls. Like, you’d have your one AI-controlled Pawn that’s your main companion, but then yo can summon other players when you need more assistance. But, unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case. The best it’ll have to offer is sharing the Pawn you made through the online feature and summoning Pawns others have made. Which is neat, don’t get me wrong, but I just think it’d be fun to have friends, or even random players, be the characters you summon.

So, yeah, Dragon’s Dogma 2 won’t offer any multiplayer. Ultimately, it’s fine. I’m sure the developers just focused on delivering a tight single player experience that would feel familiar to those that have played the original. And if you are new to the franchise, Pawns are… human-like creatures from a different dimension that you summon to join on your quest. One of them you get to make from scratch, while the others you call upon according to your needs. They are either randomly generated or made by other players. They level up, learn more skills and abilities, etc. In the original, their AI was pretty impressive for the time, especially how they adapt to your play style. The sequel also adds Pawn Specializations, which should be pretty interesting.

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