Dragon's Dogma 2 Minotaur Horn Location

The fearsome minotaur is one of the most well-known mythological monsters. Part man, part bull, this hulking monstrosity was first mentioned in ancient Greek myths. Since then, the minotaur has made its way into many video games – including Dragon’s Dogma 2. In fact, there is a material called Minotaur Horn that is very useful in enchanting equipment. Though, of course, to be able to get it, you first need to find and dispatch a minotaur. Needless to say, but this is easier said than done. To help you get your hands on this material, we are going to show you where to find the location of a Minotaur Horn in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Minotaur Horn Location
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Minotaur Horn Location

How to Get Minotaur Horn in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The description for this material reads: “The severed horn of a minotaur. Can be used to enhance equipment.” The only problem is that, unfortunately, you have to slay a minotaur to be able to obtain it. These are large and powerful enemies, and if you want to have a chance of defeating them, you’re going to need to be sufficiently leveled up, with powerful gear, and your faithful Pawns helping you in this task. So far, we have found two of these out in the game world.

The first such Minotaur is at the eastern edge of Vermund. We have marked the general area where we stumbled upon it. As for the second Minotaur, it is a ways north. Again, you can see both of their locations in the gallery. Of course, it’s always possible that there are more of these beasts out in the world. If we find more of them, we are going to update this article. Each Minotaur you slay is going to drop several Minotaur Horns, so it’s definitely worthwhile to go hunting after them.

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