Dragon's Dogma 2 Tell the Truth or Lie to Norman About Vernworth Boy

There are many choices to make in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Some of these can be pretty important – such as which Vocation to choose for your Arisen. For example, one such choice comes early in Vernworth, where you will bump into a young man. After a brief cutscene, one of the guards here called Norman is going to ask you if you have seen him and if so – which way he went. You have two choices here, either to lie, or to tell you truth. So what should you do here, should you tell the truth or lie to Norman about the Vernworth Boy in Dragon’s Dogma 2? We’re going to see what both of these lead to, and which is the clear superior choice here.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Tell the Truth or Lie to Norman About Vernworth Boy
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tell the Truth or Lie to Norman About Vernworth Boy

Should You Lie or Tell the Truth About Vernworth Boy in Dragon’s Dogma 2

During your exploration of Vernworth, you will trigger a cutscene in which a young man bumps into you. He will tell you that he’s sorry and in a bit of a hurry. Immediately after that, a guard will approach you and ask you whether or not you have seen this young man in a cap and if you have, to tell him which way he ran. There are two choices here, and you can either be truthful, or lie to Norman.

The Young Man will thank you for not telling on him.

So what should you do? Well, as they say – nobody likes a tattletale. We strongly recommend that you lie to Norman. After that, the mysterious young man will commend you on your kindness and tell you that he is in your debt. You will soon run into this young man again, and he will reveal his name is Sven. Talking with him will begin “The Ornate Box” quest. And later still, you are going to learn his true identity, but we don’t want to spoil this.

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