What Age to Pick in Dragon's Dogma 2, Does Age Matter?

When you start Dragon’s Dogma 2, one of the very first questions that the game is going to ask is to enter your age. And after that, during character creation, DD2 will once again ask you to input your main character’s age. Naturally, this leaves a lot of players wondering what’s the purpose of this, and if anything in the game going to drastically change depending on your choices here. So here are our answers to what age to pick in Dragon’s Dragon’s Dogma 2, and does age even matter.

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What Age to Pick in Dragon's Dogma 2, Does Age Matter
What Age to Pick in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Does Age Matter?

Which Age to Pick in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you know, you’re going to select this two times during the game. The first time is when the game starts, right after language settings and setting up your max and min brightness. The game is going to ask you to enter your age. This is so the game knows if you are old enough to play Dragon’s Dogma 2. Simply put in your actual real-life age here to proceed. Then, the choice will once again repeat during character creation for your Arisen (the main character in the game).

Now, at first glance, this choice seems like a very important one. The minimum age that you can select here is 18, which makes sense – you want your Arisen to be a grown-up, after all. But is this going to affect anything important in the game, such as which romance options are open to you? Or your stats, or what your character looks like? The answer the all of these is – no, your Arisen’s age won’t negatively (or positvely, for that matter) impact anything important. This is simply a role-playing choice, so input the age that you want to play. If you want your Arisen to be a young and inexperienced character, then you can go as low as you want to. On the other hand, if you have an older character in mind, then feel free to raise their age. The choice is yours.

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