Dune: Awakening Direct Reveals Open World Survival MMO

Ever since it was first published way back in 1965, Dune has fascinated and inspired people from all around the world. And with its recent big budget movie adaptations by director Dennis Villeneuve, Dune is once again in the spotlight. No stranger to videogame adaptations (after all, Dune II, released in 1992, is the prototypical RTS), Dune is set to get another one in the form of Dune: Awakening. An open world Survival MMO, the recent Dune Awakening Direct has revealed a lot of information regarding the game. Here’s everything that we currently know about Dune: Awakening.

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Dune Awakening Direct Reveals Open World Survival MMO
Dune: Awakening Direct Reveals Open World Survival MMO

Dune: Awakening – A New Video Game Based on the Hit Movie

Recently revealed, Dune: Awakening is set to give a whole new meaning to the term “sandbox”. Taking place on Arrakis, better known as the titular planet Dune, the game blends several genres. There’s survival, base-building, crafting, combat, and choosing which faction to support. As Dune is the very definition of an inhospitible environment, you are going to need to be very careful when playing. Besides scorching heat and other elemental dangers, there’s also an even bigger concern – the constant presence of the Sandworms. These gigantic animals are feared throughout the game and there’s no way to actually kill them.

Though, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for your own purposes. If you are familiar with Dune’s lore (either from the movies, or from the books), then you already know that Sandworms can be avoided, or alternatively – directed where you want them to go (or attack) using a special gadget called a thumper. Naturally, the gameplay heavily relies on crafting various weapons, instruments, and other such futuristic technology, and on base building. Besides building your base, you will also need to make sure that it is protected from Sandworm and enemy attacks with shields and other fortifications. The game is currently in the closed beta testing phase, with more news expected to come soon.

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