Buddy Dog Choice Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest Choices

The Buddy the Dog choice in Dying Light 2 is one of several choices in the True Friends quest. It is a really miserable, gut-wrenching story which will require you to make several very difficult moral decisions. While they don’t impact the quest significantly, they will probably haunt you as a player. In our Buddy Dog Choice Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest Choices guide, we’ll show you what happens in each instance. Before we dive in, I do have to put up a SPOILER WARNING here. We’ll keep them to an absolute minimum, but there will be some.

buddy dog choice dying light 2 true friends quest choices
Buddy Dog Choice Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest Choices

Whatever Happened, I Won’t Judge You or You’re Lying Choice in Dying Light 2

The choice between saying “Whatever happened, I won’t judge you” or “You’re lying” in the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest leads towards the choice about Buddy the dog. What you say does not seem to matter at all. The only real difference is in the tone you take with Moe. You can basically reassure him or confront him directly. Either way, he’ll tell you want actually happened. As I’ve promised to keep spoilers to a minimum, I won’t reveal what actually happened. Suffice to say that the situation is actually much grimmer than you could have guessed, and there’s another difficult choice to make right after.

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Leave the Dog Be or Put the Dog out of its Misery Choice Dying Light 2

The choice between “Leave the dog be” or “Put the dog out of its misery” in the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest is all about whether or not you have the stomach to end the life of Buddy. There’s now way to save it that we know of. You only get to pick whether you leave it to die alone or help it pass on. You won’t do it in a gentle way, but it will at least be instant. The latter is the choice I prefer personally, but it’s up to you to do what you think is best. Either way, the quest continues to the same ending and the final choice.

Buddy Died Saving Scott & Moe, Scott & Moe Lied to You or Scott & Moe will Tell You Everything Dying Light 2

This is the last choice in the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest is about how you’ll reveal the fate of Buddy the dog. Every choice grants you the same rewards, but definitely not the same reactions. Here’s a quick rundown of what happens in each case. Choose whatever seems morally right to you.

  • Buddy died saving Scott and Moe – You protect Scott and Moe (and Dominik’s feelings) by omitting what they were actually doing. Nerys thanks you for doing so.
  • Scott and Moe lied to you – You directly tell Dominik what happened, causing a great deal of hurt all around, but at least you’re being completely honest. Nerys chastises you for it heavily.
  • Scott and Moe will tell you everything – You don’t hide the truth from Dominik, but you let Scott and Moe come clean. Well, Moe, mostly. Needless to say, they don’t stay friends, but Nerys appreciates that you let her boys take responsibility for their actions.
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