Dying Light 2 Bow - How to get the bow

Dying Light 2 Bow is a well hidden weapon, and you’ll want to have it from the start of the game. If you can’t figure out how to get a bow in Dying Light 2, you’re probably not the only one. The game is not exactly very giving when it comes to ranged weapons, opting instead to mostly focus on the melee. That, however, does not mean that you can’t eventually get your hands on some bows. We’ll explain how in this guide, so let’s get into it.

how to get bow dying light 2
How to Get Bow Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Bow – How to Get the Bow

To get your first bow in Dying Light 2, you have to proceed through the game until you complete the main quest called “Let’s Waltz.” You’ll get access to that quest in the area called Central Loop, and again, it’s a main story quest, so odds are low that you’ll miss out on it. Even if you do somehow manage to make some kind of series of choices that bars you from the quest (I don’t think you can, but still), there are other avenues that you can pursue. For example, a number of merchants are going to sell bows, so keep an eye out for those. There are also bows that you can find by exploring the open world. One such weapon is the unique bow called Nails, which you can find in the Newfound Lost Land Relay Tower.

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So, those are some of the ways you can get a bow in Dying Light 2. The same basic principles go for the crossbows. What we do have to mention at this point (and a minor spoiler warning here) is that these are the only ranged weapons in the game. There are no guns; at least, none that we have been able to find. The game is mainly concerned about making the melee nice and crunchy and does away with all the other distractions, aside from the bows. On a somewhat related note, there’s a set of armor called Ranger, which gives you bonuses to ranged combat. Do try and seek it out if you’re into bows. Also, check out our How to Switch Arrow Types if you need it.

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