Quests not Updating After Completing Tasks Solution - Dying Light 2 Stuck in a Safe House

The quests not updating after completing tasks Dying Light 2 bug solution helps you get over the glitch, especially for the quest Stuck in a Safe House. Basically, it lets you kinda jump-start the next step of the quest. While the fixes are not necessarily permanent, it sure beats not being able to progress at all. So, let’s see what your options are.

quests not updating after completing tasks bug solution dying light 2
Quests not Updating After Completing Tasks Bug Solution – Dying Light 2

Quests not Updating After Completing Tasks Bug Solution – Dying Light 2 Stuck in a Safe House

If you encounter the bug where your quests are not updating after completing tasks in Dying Light 2, the first solution is to restart the game. After the reload is complete, the next stage of whatever mission you were on should trigger. You might lose a bit of progress, but if you’re stuck in the middle of a quest, you’re not making any progress anyway. So, reload the game, and you should be fine. For a while. Unfortunately, there is one problem with this solution, which is that it’s usually temporary. Quite often, the game will revert to its previous state of not being able to update your quest after about fifteen minutes, maybe half an hour.

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The other solution is to go into the online section of the menu, then head into your friends list. Enter into a quick match, then drop said match. While this solution is also not always permanent, it will complete the quest without you having to exit the game completely. Might save you a little bit of time, if nothing else. But, yeah; neither of these are guaranteed to fix the problem for good. It’ll just help you get through that particular step your stuck on, but odds are good you’ll run into it again. Hopefully, the devs are gonna patch the bug out soon.

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  1. G

    FIX: it doesn’t work every time but if you pause go settings and change your online game type you will see the save in the top right and then change it back and it should work.

    1. D
      Delanzo Williams

      I can’t proceed on quest and can’t play online I got a bad copy of the game maybe

      1. J

        How does one get a “Bad Copy” of a game? It’s not like a gallon of milk. I assure you, your copy is the exact same copy as everyone else’s.

        1. C

          Nothing I’ve read has worked for me and I’m wondering if rolling back my game will help because I’m tired of not getting story quests

          1. M

            maybe if you revert to the very 1st version and turn auto updates off, for that you will need to reinstall it again though. for me i had no problems with it until the first patch. the y have just released the 1.2.1 patch and it is still doing it for me too. it is driving me crazy

    2. J

      If this doesn’t work for you or you are unable to change game type go to online menu from pause menu or map/inv screen with the menu button on your controller(ps5-3 lines,ps4-options button) and open up your friends list and wait a few seconds and back out. You will know if it works because when u back out of the friends tab and then the online menu screen the game will pause for a split second as it saves or does whatever . I just mash the circle button until they are all exited out of that’s how I know it pauses cause it takes that much longer to start playing again 🤣. But it should pop up with your next quest objective as soon as they close. I have couple videos of it in action but can’t upload from my ps5 when I tried.

      1. A
        Armin Redzepagic

        So I did all the objectives and I got the black screen glitch so I decided to close app and restart. Now it says I did all the objectives but it won’t give me the next mission what do I do

        1. R

          Same did u find a way to fix it?

      2. 1

        Just wanted to say that this seems to work most consistently. Thanks!!

  2. G

    NEW FIX: if your in an area where you can’t change your online game type use the call for help in the inventory menu screen 👍

  3. J

    I did what you said still doesn’t work

  4. J

    My quests are not proceeding. They are just stuck. I’m so disappointed 😞

  5. S

    Can’t go up an elevator during the epilogue of the game so I’m stuck in a limbo of not being able to finish the story or return to the main area. Guess I’m not playing until this is fixed

    1. M
      Mark Dziony

      I got the same Bug. Elevator doesnt come

  6. B

    In the mission, “let’s Waltz” when you have to repower the substation my mission won’t progress and I’m stuck. I’ve tried restarting the game and it still won’t progress

  7. S

    Hi. I played for about 4 hours on Friday (release day) and have just gone to play again. I left the game I Getting stronger quest and just completed the Go to sleep quest. However I should now be sent to the hospital to get bio thing but there are no active quests at all anymore. When I loaded it said something about a later version save.
    I’m about to put the game in the trash unless someone has any ideas how to get a quest to open!

    1. A

      I’m literally the exact same! Hospital bit after sleeping and everything, including the later version message when I load up the game again.
      No quests showing and every time I run off into different places to see if it fixes itself it says I’m “leaving the mission area” and kills me after 5 seconds.

      Did yours start working again or did you manage to fix it? What did you do?

    2. M

      Same! Stuck after “getting stronger” mission and sleeping. Can go to the hospital, drop down from roof and enter the bus like I saw in walk through, but can’t open the door to get in the hospital through the bus. Also no active mission in menu or on HUD…

    3. B

      I have the exact same issue, dit you find something that helps fixing it??

  8. K

    The main quest keeps saying please wait, what should I do???
    When will the glitches get fix, I’m giving dying light 2, 1 star for giving us a crappie video game!!!

    1. J

      Noooooo!!! Not one star!! Man don’t do it, if you do I am sure you’ll topple Techland Games to its knees!!!11111!!1!

  9. N

    So after binging for a solid 12 hours I’ve found the best way to fix this is to
    1. Click options

    2. Online Menu

    3.Click friends back out click it again back out then go back to the game and the load should go through if it’s not loading up properly 🙂

    1. C

      This actually works I heard you had to be under 300 friends but this is much faster and better than deleting all my friends thanks a lot!!!

  10. P

    I can’t do the main story. And there’s a black ? And I can’t do anything with it.

  11. T

    I’m in “the raid” quest. Cleared all the enemies out, took their flag, but it won’t let me proceed to finding Carl or finding the tango hotel. It gave me the completion for killing the raiders after I quit to game menu but still can’t proceed.

  12. L

    I got stuck on the mission “The Breakthrough”. It kicked me off of it one time on my Xbox. When I loaded back in, it said I completed it and I no longer have any story quests.

    1. C

      This has just happened to me.

    2. J

      This is happening to me right now did you find a solution or have to restart the game?

      1. A

        latterly happening right now to me, game crashed while I was rushing back to frank, loaded it back up, worked fine, did the cutscene, now the quest won’t update

        1. D

          I had to return to where the van ended when you followed it and it automatically restarted my cut scene

  13. E

    I’m stuck in the “orders” quest. I’m at the part where you kill the renegades in the tower and Lieutenant Rowe is a floor above you, apparently there are peacekeepers you have to save in order to progress the mission and they just didn’t spawn in for me. I’ve restarted and redone loaded my game already; anyone have any solutions??

  14. N

    I died during the colonel mission and it completed the whole mission for me now I don’t have any other missions I’ve tried to do all the things people say to fix it and nothing is working

  15. M

    Anyone do the side quest Double Time? I’ve don’t this mission 8 times now. Every time I close the game and reopen it. It back again. I’m getting annoyed now…

  16. J

    You show me a game that works 100% on day one and I’ll eat my neighbors lawn.

  17. C

    Stuck in the quest where I have to meet Juan and Matt in the Fish Eye. I meet them go through the cutscene and then it doesn’t progress and just marks a peacekeeper at the other door where the two exit from but from the other side.

  18. A

    If you’re doing a story start a side quest and finish it and your story should be fine again

  19. T

    Hi I’m at the epilogue on the first mission and my game had crash when I was in the cut scene talking to the colonel and when I loaded back in it said quest complete but I didn’t even get to finish the whole quest I only was finished halfway and it won’t update so I can’t beat the game is there any way to fix this

  20. G
    Graeme Wright

    23rd of feb now and 2nd patch and still my quests wont update i have to restart the game for every quest i do. 2nd patch fixed it for 24 hours but now its started again and im back to square one. Having to restart the game after every mission is a joke.

    1. L
      Lil killer 420

      Not sh*** crazy bro 64 dollars for what the games mostly about the campaign and I can’t play it joke

  21. L
    Lil killer 420

    Ok every time I play a mission I get stuck on the same mission until I quit the game and come back then after finishing a little part the game freezes me on the same mission again so the only way I can play is I keep have the quit the game and come back ik they just came out with a update but I believe it’s time for another one please

  22. L
    Lil killer420

    64 dollars just to quit the game and come back after ever mission

  23. M
    Michael Johnson

    I’m stuck in the gre facility after met the doc. I turned of my ps during mission which I have before and just went back to certain part of mission. I’ve seen to Done it now in a part of this facility and im stuck there no doors will open and there’s renegades standing around but there ghost bodies and won’t attack. Im def not starting over after all this time ima just stop playing so be nice if it could get fixed.

  24. L

    did the water tower mission now the next mission has yet to pop up

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