Legend Outfits in Dying Light: The following

For the first time, Dying Light offers post game content that lets you upgrade your character even further. In the Dying Light: The Following, under the Skills tree, you’ll get access to Legend Level with a whole new set of skills. As you gain Legend levels, you’ll get access to new player emblems, outfits, and new weapons. Upon maxing out one of the three skill trees, you’ll get access to Legendary levels, and you’ll start gaining experience points toward your legendary level.

How to unlock legendary outfits

Dying Light: The Following introduces 250 legendary levels that let you further develop your character. Every 25 levels, players will unlock new Legendary Outfit, emblems, and new weapons. The following outfits are available in the new DLC (we would like to thank ShadowGaming521 for all screenshots.):

  • Brecken Outfit (unlocks at level 50)
  • Dragon Ninja Outfit
  • GRE Enforcer Outfit
  • Golden Boy Outfit
  • Perfect Gentleman Outfit
  • Quarantine Demon Outfit
  • Rahim Outfit
  • Rais Killer Outfit (unlocks at level 25)
  • Rais Outfit
  • Tahir Outfit

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