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Paint Jobs are custom color schemes for the buggy in Dying Light: The Following. They can change the way your car looks, sometimes even adding parts like fenders and bars.
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There are a few dozen of them in the Countryside, all well hidden. This guide will show you where to find paint jobs for the buggy in Dying Light: The Following, what they look like.

Katarzyn Paint Job

katarzyn paint job locationThis color scheme will turn your buggy bright pink, with alien decals on the sides and roof. It adds mudguards/fenders as well. You’ll find it north of the dam in the south-western region. It’s in a small house by the river (it has a satellite dish and an outhouse). You’ll find the cans on the floor next to the desk.

White Skulls Paintjob

white skulls buggy paintIf you want a white buggy with pictures of skeletons all over it, you should look for the White Skulls paintjob. It is located west of the town on the coast, hidden at an overpass. The cans are up on the ledge, on the side of the overpass where the blue truck and yellow van are.

Revolution Color Scheme

revolution buggy paint jobThe Revolution Paint Job paints the whole car black and adds a picture of a maw to the side, like the ones on WW2 bombers’ noses. It is hidden in a blue house east of the dam. You’ll see a jeep in the driveway with the same paintjob. Once you’re inside, climb the stairs and you’ll see the box with the cans near a window.

Blue Gentleman Paint Job

blue gentleman paint jobThe Blue Gentleman paint job will turn your car navy blue, with a number on the side. It will also add mudguards above the wheels. It can be found in an apartment in the coastal city. The apartment is in a building in the south of the settlement. Enter through the door on the ground level, climb the stairs to the first floor and look for it between the chairs.

Juli Paint Job

juli paint job buggy customizationThe Juli color scheme paints your buggy white and adornes it with drawings of grinning goblins. It’s also one of the rare paint jobs that actually adds parts to the car – namely, mudguards. You’ll find it in a lone yellow house north-east of the big lake. It’s in a chest above the stairs on the upper floor.

Limited Edition Paint Job

limited edition paint jobThe Limited Edition scheme gives your car a brown color, with a green Dying Light decal on the side. It is located in the tunnel Hive, north of the lake. Once you enter, keep left until you find a corridor. Turn right, then follow the corridor almost to the end. The paint cans are in a box on the ground.

Mother Paint Job

mother paint jobThe Mother paintjob will color your buggy grey and add a painting of the charismatic cult leader on the side. You’ll find it at the Children of The Sun mansion after the mission where you meet Mother. It’s in the north-eastern corner, down the stairs.

Hussars Paint Job

hussars paint jobThis buggy paint will add a splash of red to your ride, along with a winged skull insignia. It can be found in the safehouse near the dam, in the south-western part of the map. It’s on the wooden table in the back yard.

Flower Bomb Paint Job

flower bomb paint locationThis color scheme will coat your car with a grayish brown hue, and cover it with a bunch of flowers and vines. It can be found under the dam in the south-west of the region. Go through the drain pipes, then go right until you reach a large room. Go across the room and into the other pipe, until you reach a second large room. The paint is in a box to your right.


thunderbolt paint jobThe Thunderbolt paint job will color your buggy blue, with a streak of white lightning along the sides. You’ll find it in an electrical substation in the middle of the map, south-west of the city on the coast. It’s on a desk inside the concrete building.

Winter Camo Paint Job

winter camo paint job showcaseThe Winter Camo paintjob applies a winter camouflage to your buggy, covering it with white, gray and black triangles. It is hidden in an underground bunker near a house west of the big lake. After you climb down the ladder, turn right and look at the top shelf.

Flamegrilled Paint Job

flamegrilled paint jobThe Flamegrilled color scheme paints the car black, adding red flames to the sides. It can be found in a trailer park in the farthest north-east of the map. There’s a watchtower in the middle of the camp – the paint is on the roof. The easiest way to get there is to zipline from another tower on the nearby cliff.

Angry Cats Paint Job

angry cats color schemeThe Angry Cats paint turns your buggy blue, with patches of red and a feline from hell painted onto the sides. It’s hidden in a house on the outskirts of the town by the coast. The house is in the north-western part of the settlement. You’ll have to jump through the roof window, and look for a box with the cans in the attic.

Beat ’em Up Paint Job

beat'em up paint jobThis paint job will turn your buggy red and gray, with “FIGHT!” written on the side in black letters. You can find it deep inside the Hive tunnel to the north-east. Keep going deeper until you see a white van on your left. The box with the cans is on the ground next to it.

Chat 79 Paint Job

chat 79 paint jobIf you want to make your buggy look like a race car, Chat 79 is the paint to look for. It’s hidden in a Taurus gas station in the south of the Countryside. You’ll have to enter through the roof. Once you’re in, turn around and look for the cans on one of the lower shelves.

Fire Department Paint Job

fire department paint jobThe Fire Department color scheme will make your car look like a fire truck – a dark red paint with the local fire squad’s logo. You can get it from the unfinished highway south-west of the coastal town. It’s on the floor of one of the blue metal containers.

Yellow Wave Paint Job

yellow wave paint jobThe Yellow Wave paint job will paint your buggy green and slap a yellow curved line on the sides. You’ll find it in a Taurus garage on the northern tip of the large lake, in the north-western part of the Countryside. The box with the cans is on the floor, next to the workbench.

Black Widow Paint Job

Dying Light Black Widow Paint Job The Black Widow Paint job turns your car black with red shapes, like the terrifying spider. It can be found in a graveyard in the south-eastern part of the Countryside map. Search for the box behind the large angel statue.

Cherry Bomb Paint Job

cherry-bomb-paint-job-the-followingThis color scheme puts radioactive material signs all over the car, and a pin-up model riding a nuclear bomb on the side. Find an abandoned railroad car at the location marked on the screenshot of the map below (south east of Jasir’s farm). The Cherry Bomb paint job is found behind some crates.

Cultist Paint Job

cultist paint job the followingThe Cultist Paint Job turns the buggy white with red, messy drawings on it. It is located in the water near a strange rock formation south of Jasir’s farm (very close to a hunting tower).

Rally Prism Paint Job

rally prism paint job the followingThe Rally Prism Paint Job is one of the most colourful car outfits – it’s black, with red, white and blue lines along the sides, roof and hood. It is inside the hunting tower some way south of Jasir’s farm. The tower is actually on a hill above a river, so you should either approach it from the east, or you could find a way to climb the rockface there.

Zebra Paint Job

zebra paint job the followingThis one will make your car resemble a zebra – black and white stripes will cover it from top to bottom. Go to a gas station north east of Jasir’s farm. Enter it and you will find the Zebra paint job collectible on the shelves.



  1. N
    Nathanael B

    i had found more paint jobs that you have not listed, i cant remember where i got them unfortunately but i just wanted it to be clear that they are out there. i listed the ones i could.

    AK paint job – (warehouse by the dam got a quest to rescue some kids) [its a trap] was in ceiling
    Harran Post Paint job – Unknown
    Katazyn paint job – Unknown
    tattoo Paint job – Unknown
    Harran Hippie Paint job – (Located in the middle of a farm next to a car filled with flowers. The Giant Demolisher from the main quest is nearby).
    USS Techland paint job – (You need the hacking device to get into this chest. You get it from the two brothers side quest. It’s on the table at the end of the quest line).
    Frog Paint Job – top right of map, there a baseball field near a military outpost its behind a brick shack lookin thing
    Team Vancouver Paint job – Unknown
    Team Ostrow Paint job – Unknown
    Dirty Orange Paint job – Unknown

    1. N
      Nathanael B

      For the Frog Paint job (its more of a drainage ditch processing area than baseball field)

      1. W

        East of the Frog paint job there is an open field with some sort of crops growing in it. At the end of the field there is a stone wall with a yellow tent . Next to the tent there is a red Jeep with a Haran Taxi paint job in the back

    2. N
      Nathanael B

      Update: i found two more paint jobs
      -Cyber Girl Paint job
      -S5 Paint Job
      both of these i found inside Bilal’s gas station along with the Hussars Paint job

    3. O

      To find Team’s Ostrow, Vancouver, Wraclow and Wasoviam you need to have the button, from Touga and Fatin.. go using till you get to a place with giant hamsters wheels.. these 4 paintings can be find there..

    4. E

      harran post paint job was on the top floor, on the floor, in the post office. (gotta do going postal quest first)

    5. D

      For the Team Vancouver Paint Job and the Team Ostrow paint job and 2 other paint jobs, you need Tolga’s button to get to the secret room, just spam the button until you get into a room wich is closed and has lots of cages in it

  2. C

    I don’t know if you’ve found this one yet, but there’s this one called “Yo!” that I found in one of those things you can climb with a big grey/white cylinder on top? Don’t know how to describe it xD

    1. I

      I think you mean a water cylinder.

  3. D

    I foung ZigZag. it is on a small island at the end of the map. You have to go near there in a main mission .

    Spoiler……to find piantings on stone obelisks, and one of them is underwater………

    To get this paint job, swin to the small island from the mission location, beat the zombie bosses, then it will be there.

  4. J

    White skulls paint job is awesome

  5. W

    There’s a cougar Paint Job at the Dam. Its on a platform you need to jump down to; it has grafity painted on the back wall. It kind of annoying to jump down to it because you’ll die half of the time. Platform is close to the missing person at the damn.

    1. W

      Also got a Glow-in-the-Dark paint Job from Bilal’s Gas station. not sure what I did to trigger it to drop

    2. I

      You have to jump on top of those silver lamps on the side of the dam so you’re closer and are able to grapple onto the platform.

  6. J

    Bottom left of map, just before entering the dam road, there is a police van with a Blue Monday Paint Job in it

  7. F

    Yo! Paintjob is just northeast of where the revolution color scheme is marked on this page. In a watertower.

  8. D

    I found Tri-Color paintjob, its on the racetrack, east of the dam and far south of Jasirs farm, it’s at the starting/finishing line

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