Dying Light Settings Not Saving & Keep Resetting Issue Fix

Recently, Dying Light 1 was made free (for a limited time, so be sure to get it if you still haven’t) on the Epic Games Store. This has allowed a whole slew of players that haven’t had the opportunity to play the game to finally try it out. Unfortunately, this has also led to several issues – both old and new – with the game. One which is that the Dying Light settings and not saving and they keep resetting. We all know that problems such as this can seriously hamper our enjoyment of a game. So, is there anything you can try to fix the Dying Light settings not saving and they keep resetting issue? Luckily, there is, and we are going to show you how to do this – right here in our guide.

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Dying Light Settings Not Saving & Keep Resetting Issue Fix
Dying Light Settings Not Saving & Keep Resetting Issue Fix

Dying Light Settings Keep Resetting & Not Saving Issue Fix

So, what to do if your Dying Light 1 Enhanced Edition settings are not saving? To begin with, a disclaimer. You are doing this at your own risk, so you need to be aware that there’s always a chance that something is going to go wrong when you fiddle around the game files like this. As such, the best thing to start with is by making a backup of the “C:\Users\\Documents\DyingLight” folder. After that, go to the directory where the game has been installed. Look for the DyingLightGame.exe file. Create a desktop shortcut of that file by right-clicking on it and selecting the “Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut)” option.

Rename this shortcut and right-click on it and go to Properties. Under the Shortcut tab, add the following line to the Target field, after the text that is already in there -epicenv=Prod -EpicPortal -epicusername=”test”. Press Ok to save this. Run the game from that desktop shortcut. Change the game’s settings to how you want them to be. Quit the game and then restart it. If you have done everything correctly, the game should now save these game settings correctly and no longer reset them. We’d like to thank Reddit user Slluxx for coming up with this solution.

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