Battleborn E3 2015 Presentation

Battleborn, the upcoming FPS/MOBA hybrid from Gearbox Software, was demoed at E3 2015. We were present, and we managed to record some gameplay footage for your viewing pleasure.

Battleborn will be focused on multiplayer, but there will be a story mode that can be played in coop or alone.
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Three multiplayer modes have been announced – a standard deathmatch, a lane-pushing MOBA mode, and one where you defend your NPC minions while they travel to the center of the map and throw themselves into a pit.

We’ll be able to choose between 25 heroes with different weapon loadouts and abilities, taking on standard roles like support and DPS.

We’d like to thank Computerland, our local videogame distributor, for helping us arrange our meetings and attendance to conferences and demoes.

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