EA Details Upcoming Star Wars Projects

EA used the opportunity at E3 2016 to show the fans what the multitude of teams in charge of Star Wars games are currently working on. It’s all a bit vague, but it’s quite an impressive roster, with a long list of both new games and updates for existing ones coming our way.

The trailer first goes on a bit about making your dreams come true and all that guff, before starting a tour of all the studios currently working on Star Wars games.
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DICE is still hard at work on Battlefront, and they’re anxious to bring in more characters, planets and maps into the game. Criterion and Motive Studios are working on new Battlefront content – one of the shots in the video even hints at the possible addition of space battles.

Respawn Entertainment is working on an unnamed Star Wars project, but the video shows them doing motion capture for light-saber fights, which can only be a good sign. Capital Games, on the other hand, is still at work adding stuff to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Bioware are, as expected, maintaining The Old Republic, looking for new stories to tell within the game.

Visceral Games also has a secret Star Wars project in the works – there’s no telling what it is, but Amy Hennig (of Legacy of Kain and Uncharted fame) is helming it, and their LucasFilms liaison seems eager to let the team do their thing. Jade Raymond, mostly known for her work on Assassin’s Creed, also seems to be involved in this project, although we don’t know in what capacity.

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