NBA Live 2018 to Have Free Demo in August, Trailer Released

After a cancellation, an underperforming game and a couple of years of hiatus, NBA Live is coming back. During EA’s E3 press conference, NBA Live 2018 has been shown to attendees. There’s a new trailer for its career mode. A free demo is going to appear during August, to try and lure the players away from the NBA 2k series.

nba live 2018 free demo august
NBA Live 2018 free demo

According to executive producer Sean O’Brien, the demo will be available to Xbox One and Playstation 4 players at some point in August. We don’t know how long it will be available, or what it will cover, but it will probably allow you to play a couple of games at least. The right choice would be to do what 2k did and let us play the early days of a player’s career. That way, we could get a feel for that particular game mode, and end up with a character we could import into the final release.

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The trailer is more hype material than concrete stuff, so don’t expect much. It explains how the career mode will connect League play with Street play. It talks a bit about stats, customization and unlocking new gear.

Still, it’s good to see the series making a return. If the game turns out alright, it should provide some competition to NBA 2k, making them put in more effort in their yearly releases. More competition means better games overall, and 2k has spent several years with no competition whatsoever.

While we can’t judge the game before it’s out, the E3 presentation was as down to Earth as possible. There wasn’t too much talk, they showed stuff from the game instead of bringing NBA superstars to praise it, they’re promising a demo. The devs realize the position they’re in, and they seem anxious to get out of it, which bodes well for both the game and the players.

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