Undertale Announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita on E3 2017

Undertale will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita, Sony revealed during their E3 presentation. This is the first time the beloved pixel-art RPG will make its way to a console. It will be available as a physical release, including a Collector’s Edition with several bonus items.

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Undertale Announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita on E3 2017
Undertale Announced for PlayStation 4 and Vita on E3 2017

Since it launched back in September 2015, Undertale grew from a fairly small indie project to a damn-near cultural phenomenon. It won multiple awards, and both audiences and critics adored it. The game absolutely deserves all the accolades and praise it got. On the surface, it seems like little more than a throwback RPG in the vein of Earthbound. However, it’s so much more. Undertale features amazing characters, fun gameplay, a brilliant soundtrack, and many twists and turns on the standard RPG formula.

The game is now making its first venture onto consoles. Sony revealed that Undertale is coming to the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. You’ll be able to pick it up as a physical release, as well. The main draw will certainly be the Collector’s Edition box set. It features a story booklet, the soundtrack, and a heart-shaped locket that is also a music box. The music box plays a tune that has a lot of meaning to those that have played the game.

Undertale also got a trailer, showing off its many features. The video is appropriately silly, featuring the now-famous Annoying Dog in a monster truck, among other things. In the trailer, you get a quick breakdown of all the game has to offer, including a full Japanese localization. Also, the video is jam-packed with references that only make sense to those that have played the game before. You can check out the trailer below.

If you’ve missed out on playing Undertale so far, be sure to pick it up when it launches on the PS4 and Vita. Try to avoid reading anything about the game; you’ll get the best experience knowing nothing beforehand. And don’t forget the tagline: This is a friendly game where nobody has to die.

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