Fallout 76 Customer Support Tickets Leaked on Bethesda's Website

Have you sent in a ticket on Bethesda’s Customer Support website? If you’ve been playing Fallout 76, especially if you purchased the fabled Power Armor edition, you probably have. And, rightfully so. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the website has possibly leaked some of your sensitive information, including addresses and emails. Wait, what?

Fallout 76 Customer Support Tickets Leaked on Bethesda's Website
Fallout 76 Customer Support Tickets Leaked on Bethesda’s Website

I’m not sure what’s going on in Bethesda this year. At this point, it’s not a matter of if they’ll screw something up, it’s what they’ll screw up. The latest in the series of gaffes is Bethesda’s Community Support website. As has been pointed out on Reddit and other places, the website has somehow leaked information of people that have sent in tickets. Needless to say, a lot of those leaks included the people requesting a bag replacement after the whole canvas / nylon duffel bag hullabaloo.

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Bethesda has since solved the issue, but not before people started complaining everywhere. The number of compromised tickets is unknown, but, according to that Reddit post, things were and can still potentially be very serious. Leaked info included emails, home addresses, and card information. Not only that, but people could apparently update or close other players’ ticket. The author of the post has sworn to not abuse the information, and I’d say it’s safe to believe them. They are the whistleblower, after all. That said, who knows how many less trustworthy people have gotten their hands on really sensitive stuff that they can potentially abuse.

What a time this is for Bethesda. It’s just disaster after disaster. The broken state of Fallout 76, the canvas bag thing, a patch that further broke the game, incomplete patch notes that hid some pretty crucial info, and now this. Did I miss something? It’s easy to drown in the blunder tsunami. Whoever in Bethesda keeps wishing upon that cursed monkey paw needs to stop right now. Consumer trust is lower than it has ever been. At least, until they announce the next Elder Scrolls, I’d wager.

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