Fallout 76 How to Increase Stash & Carry Weight Limit

Stash space limitations are one of the main issues players are having with Fallout 76 right now. The need to upgrade your stash arises pretty quickly, since it can only store 400 lbs of junk. If you’re having trouble managing your inventory because of the weight limit, and are asking how to increase stash in Fallout 76, we’ll show you how to cope with the system.

fallout 76 how to increase stash carry weight limit
Fallout 76 How to Increase Stash & Carry Weight Limit

How to get more inventory space in FO76?

If you’re just looking to increase your personal inventory, you’re in luck – there are several ways to do this. For starters, you could invest in your strenght. Every point placed in strength will add 5 lbs to your weight limit.

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Then, you can pick and use perk cards that decrease the weight of various items – Traveling Pharmacy for chems, Bandolier for bullets, Bear Arms for heavy weapons, Thru-Hiker for foodstuffs, Sturdy Frame for armor. Naturally, pick only those that help with the stuff you actually carry around. If you’re not using heavy weapons, Bear Arms will be a waste.

If you’re not using a power armor (which you should be), keep your eyes peeled for Pocketed armor. It’s a variant of any regular suit from the game, but it will give your 5 lbs of additional carry weight. If you’re just looking for temporary solutions, you can get a buff by chomping down a Grilled Radstag or popping a Buffout pill. Just try not to get addicted.

How to increase stash in FO76?

Technically, you can’t. You’re stuck with the 400 lbs limit for as long as you live. Thanks Bethesda. But, there’s a way to manage your inventory that will actually make those 400 pounds usable, and, dare I say, more than enough. Especially if you’ve already taken care of your personal inventory. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Don’t stash junk – instead, stash scrapped materials from it.
  • If you’re not going to use a weapon or a suit of armor, scrap it for materials and mods.
  • Alternatively, sell off any weapons, armor, chems and explosives you won’t use – they’ll fetch a pretty penny, and caps can be an issue, especially if you like to fast travel.
  • Build up your base so you spend resources and have all the workbenches you need.
  • After you’ve built up the base, throw away most of the steel and wood you have left. They’re easy to come by, and you won’t need much.
  • You can use steel to craft throwing knives, then scrap them. You’ll get back half the steel, plus some XP.
  • Use the workbench to craft ammo out of gunpowder – it’s quite heavy, and turning it into something usable is the best you can do.
  • Use recipes and plans, then get rid of duplicates.
  • If you’re not using a certain kind of ammo, you can trade it away to other players.
  • Keep power armor pieces on the chasis (scrap or sell any surplus), and try to keep it on you at all times.
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    Another thing you can do is take your power chassis out and put all of your parts on it and let it put itself back in your inventory (about 60secs). Then you can throw it back into your stash box or inventory and it will only be 10lbs no matter how many peices are on it.

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    This was very helpful. Thx! Weight limit of 400lbs is rediculously low though. Already having troubles storing stuff now :/

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    Also get the backpack or the other perk card that increases you weight limit by 10 each upgrade

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