Fallout 76 Perk Magazine Locations - LITerally Achievement / Trophy

Perk Magazine in FO76 are a collectible in the game. Finding Fallout 76 perk magazines can be fundamental for your success. See, perk magazines give you temporary buffs. Depending on which magazine you find, it can give you a boost in melee or ranged combat, survival, team playing, crafting, and more. Our Fallout 76 Perk Magazine Locations guide will show you where to find these magazines and what bonuses they give, and how to get the LITerally trophy / achievement.

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Fallout 76 Perk Magazine Locations
Fallout 76 Perk Magazine Locations – LITerally Achievement / Trophy

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll be updating the guide as we discover more FO76 magazines.

Where to Find Perk Magazines in Fallout 76 – LITerally Achievement

To find Perk Magazines in Fallout 76, you’re gonna have to go exploring across the whole map. There’s eleven or so different types of magazines, and every one of them has several issues. Every single one of them gives a different kind of buff. There’s a good, long list of buffs that the perk magazines that you can get. The only difference from other Fallout games is that these buffs are temporary. Yeah, it blows, but there you have it.

Before we go on, though, the LITerally Achievement in FO76. To get the Fallout 76, all you have to do is read twenty magazines. ShouldSo, let’s go through the list of perk magazines in Fallout 76.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Perk Magazines

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Perk Magazines offer you the most varied palette of bonuses. These range from bonus damage percentages against certain enemies or with certain weapons and health regeneration to heightened resistance against certain types of damage.

Fallout 76 Backwoodsman Perk Magazine Locations

The Backwoodsman perk magazines are a useful bunch. They grant bonuses that revolve around survival, crafting, harvesting, and the like. These include more health from cooking, less materials for crafting and repairs, getting more materials while scavenging, that sort of stuff.

Perk Magazines in FO76 – Live & Love

All the magazines from the Live and Love group grant you bonuses that revolve around being in a team. Basically, if you’re playing solo, these will largely be useless to you. The bonuses can be extra damage, extra XP, more damage resistance, and so on, all while on a team.

Where to Find Grognak the Barbarian Perk Magazines?

Grognak the Barbarian perk magazines in Fallout 76 give bonuses connected to melee combat. This can range from various bonuses against certain enemies, your melee weapon carry capacity, more durable melee weapons, harder detection while sneaking, and so on.

Grognak the Barbarian #6 can be found on Becker Farm. This small area is on the edge between The Forest and the Toxic Valley areas. You can find Becker Farm by going northeast of Vault 76. In the farm house with the blasted roof, you’ll have to kill several enemies. Then, go inside and go to the secretary desk to the right of the door. You’ll find the magazine on said desk. It gives you 15% more damage against Scorched.

Guns and Bullets Fallout 76 perk magazines locations

As you can probably assume, these magazines give you bonuses with ranged weapons. They can increase regular ranged damage, critical damage, more components for scrapping ranged weapons, you get the idea.

Scouts’ Life Perk Magazines – Fallout 76

Scout’s life perk magazines in Fallout 76 grant buffs that revolve around traveling and survival and camping. You can get less damage from insects and animals, reducing costs of setting up a camp, a higher carry capacity, reducing thirst and hunger, and the like.

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